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Weekend in Pictures

Weekend in Pictures… better a couple of days late than never…. I am somewhat freaking out a little by how fast Christmas is approaching…. coming on like a freight train….

Timothy O and I frocked up , well I frocked up, not Timothy O  for Timothy O’s family Christmas on Saturday….

Timothy O’s mother decided upon an ‘Australian Christmas’ theme with lots of Australian native flowers and delicious food all day long…. it was a great Saturday…

Timothy O and I rose rather late Sunday morning and I made scrambled eggs from our girls….

I rearranged some furniture to include this great find of six Spindle back chairs which I found last week….

I made this ‘Blackberry Bun’; a recipe from Kinfolk Magazine… I had never made it before, though I thought it may be a contender for Christmas… I don’t think we will have it on the day… delicious though.

….and then I sorted and washed household linens getting things ready for Christmas….

Are you ready for Christmas?

K x


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6 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Under no circumstances am I ready for Christmas!!! It is mayhem here and will only get worse as time goes on…I just want the holidays to come and for me to be sitting at the beach, with something frosty in my hand, staring at the big blue….sigh.

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