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Shelter: How Australians Live

Driving down a dirt track one day photographer, stylist and adventurer Kara Rosenlund came across a beautiful but dilapidated farmhouse.

Its lonely, worn loveliness kindled a passion in Kara to photograph and celebrate Australia’s authentic, intriguing rural homes and the people who live in them.

As she travelled the country, documenting raw and real interiors and landscapes, she found shelter – under the roofs of beach shacks, weathered homesteads, sheep stations and shipping containers, and in the welcome of strangers.

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Praise for Shelter: How Australians Live

“‘Shelter, How Australians Live’ is Kara’s meandering love letter to Australian country interiors of all kinds.

Kara spent just over year on the most epic Australia-wide solo road trip. Her itinerary was loose and unstructured – ‘I simply followed a conversation around the country, like a bush telegraph’ Says Kara. One person would say, ‘Oh, Kara, you must visit my cousin in Tasmania, she has a great hut’, so she would go, and then from there she might be told about a homestead in the red dust of central Queensland, and again, she would follow the conversation.

‘There was no structure or strategy, it was an adventure, never knowing exactly where I would end up next.’ says Kara.

Inevitably, such a unique approach had resulted in the most wonderfully unique book. We really LOVE THIS BOOK. It’s an absolute beauty.” – Lucy Feagins, The Design Files

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