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Berry and Yoghurt Cake Recipe

Left: Cracking eggs is Edie’s favourite thing to do while baking. Right: It’s crazy to think this is a 2yrs old. Mixing and stirring and doing it with such determination.

I adore this time of year when the summer heat moves on and is replaced by the big blue skies of autumn, with a slight nip in the air that has me reaching for cardigans.

It also always gets me excited to be in the kitchen baking!

Left: Making cakes with children feels like such a timeless activity to do together. I just love it. Right: This toddler tower makes cooking with Edie really easy and inclusive. Whenever I’m in the kitchen these days she just runs over and climbs up to join me.

As Edie grows she is observing so much about our homelife and wants to tell us what she wants to be doing more of. Baking is on the top of her list.

So much so that whenever she passes her new little gingham apron hanging up on the kitchen hook she says ‘crack crack’ – meaning she wants to cracks eggs to bake a cake.

I actually only just added these kids aprons to the shop, as I like to live with everything first before I add new pieces so I know the quality.

They are linen and made in Japan and are simply spectacular. I know this apron will become an heirloom one day when she outgrows it.

Left: And of course, licking the spoon, the best part. My print ‘Afternoon Sun’ hangs on the wall in the background. Right: Edie rolling the blackberries in flour, this part is the best for kids. All those fun textures.

This particular cake is a great one to make with kids.

There is a part where you need to roll your berries in flour, and that step really is a sensory hit. Little fingers rolling berries, and squishing them, in flour. Fun!

It’s a Julia Busuttil Nishimura recipe which I have tweaked. Living on the island means not all ingredients are readily available, so I simplify things. I also made this in a round tin, as opposed to a loaf. I love the curves of a round cake – rounds always feel so homely and nurturing.

Plus, licking the spoon never gets old.

Left: Such a treat, when tea and cake arrives on a tray. Right: Little fingers and little crumbs.

We had this one straight out of the oven after it cooled for a bit with a pot of tea.

The late afternoon golden light which pours through the house at this time of year makes it feel so special and spills beautiful warmth over everything.

Above: At the park with the left over cake after going down the slippery dip 1000 times.

The next day I wrapped the left over slices in greaseproof paper and we took the cake to the park with a flask of tea and a couple of my favourite mugs. I threw a tablecloth over the park bench and we got to enjoy the cake for morning tea.

Somehow this made such a simple moment so much more special.

Left: Sneaky little hand thinking I won’t notice her second slice. Right: The recipe card for the ‘Yogurt and Berry Cake’.

Here is the recipe card, it’s such a keeper. I hope you have a chance to make it and even take some slices to the park or out to your backyard to enjoy this mild weather.

Kara x

P.S: Here is the link to the apron, and also to my favourite stoneware mugs and bamboo cutlery I used through the story and love to live with.

P.SS: And, if you would like to see more of my kitchen here is the link.



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