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Kara Rosenlund Photographer

My Signature Framing Service

Above left: Quality control on the production table of my  ‘Dawn’ Photographic Print in the studio/ Above right: Signing ‘Dawn’ Photographic Print in my studio

I’m often asked if I can recommend a framing style for my photographic prints.

Unless you know exactly what you want, taking a print to be framed can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions to be made to elevate and finish your new photographic print.

First you need to find a reputable framer and then there is an unlimited selection of framing styles, mouldings and coloured mat boards that you can choose from.

To make it easy, I decided to develop my very own Signature Framing Service, where I have done all the hard work for you.

Above left: With art framer David Richardson at his framing studio selecting my ‘Signature Framing’ moulding in oak/ Above right: Working on my ‘Signature Framing’ style and selecting the best complimentary oak moulding for my work with David Richardson

I have made all the tricky decisions developing an artful framing style which works best for my photographic prints and for all interiors.

My signature framing style is how I like to have my own personal pieces framed for my home.

You can now choose a framed option for your print order in my online shop.

Your new piece is expertly framed in my signature style and delivered straight to your door with free worldwide shipping.

When your piece arrives it is immediately ready to hang in your home.

Above left: Working on the framing  proportions with the handmade oak moulding and the archival acid free mat board/ Above right: Selecting complimentary archival acid free mat board for my ‘Signature Framing‘ service

Above left: Incorporating the natural elements of bees wax to finish the oak moulding for my ‘Signature Framing’ style / Above right: Finishing and protecting the solid timber moulding with a coat of natural bees wax

My ‘Signature Framing Service’ is uncompromising on quality to ensure the longevity of my work, with a natural finished aesthetic which complements all homes.

I hand selected both the solid framing moulding, which is a sustainable Tasmanian oak and selected a conservation grade and acid-free neutral mat to protect the photographic print.

Above left: David Richardson bringing together the print, mat board and the plexiglas UV100 Cast Acrylic / Above right: Extreme attention to care when it comes to dust quality control

It was important for me to work with a local craftsperson and to build a strong relationship developing this framing style.

I found art framer David Richardson, who is known for his expertise and attention to detail with his craft of framing. David has been framing since 1976 and with over 40 years in the industry, the quality of his work is sublime.

David sends his framing all over the world and works with some of the countries most renown artists and galleries.

Above left: Art framer David Richardson completing the finishing touches on the back board of the frame/ Above right: Securing and taping the back board of the frame

Above left: David Richardson’s final touches to the piece/ Above right: My ‘Signature Framing’ style complete in David Richardson’s workroom

Above left: Me personally signing a customers postcard and ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ for my photographic print / Above right: David finishing the back of the frame with one of my branded stickers

Above left: David placing the photographic print’s ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ on the back of the frame / Above right: Wrapping the finished work up in brown paper, ready for its wooden travel box

Above: Me in David Richardson’s work space, looking at a wooden travel box. This is where David handcrafts and planes the timber frames and makes the wooden travel boxes.

Travel logistics was also very important for me to consider, as my photographic prints are collected all around the world and I wanted to extend this unique framing service worldwide, including free shipping.

So David makes special handmade wooden travel boxes for me, like old fashion travelling tea chests, to safely house my framed photographic works, so they are protected as they make their journey to their new homes around the world.

Safe and sound.

Above left: David securing the framed photographic prints wooden travel box/ Above right: Me, with David as he drills the wooden lid shut on the wooden travel box

Above left: Final branding stamps on the wooden travel box/ Above right: Me, stamping the wooden travel box

Above left: How my ‘Signature Framing Service’ wooden box with frame and photographic print is delivered to your door / Above right: Stamps on the wooden travel box, like an old well travelled tea chest

And this is how my framed pieces are delivered – finished and framed in my style, delivered to your door safely housed in a travel box, by a courier, ready to hang,

With all the hard work taken out.

Above: Me, unpacking the framed photographic print from its wooden travel box

Then it’s time to unscrew the lid of the wooden box and open it up. Just like Christmas!

I do really love how secure and safe the ‘Signature Framing Service’ wooden travel box is.

It’s a good feeling knowing nothing is going to break or get damaged.

Above left: Me, hanging the new ‘Signature Framing Service’ print/ Above right: And, enjoying how easy it was

Above: The completed ‘Signature Framing Service’ photographic print, ready to hang

Delivered straight to your door worldwide, it is immediately ready to hang.

Very easy and extremely convenient for busy people. And for me it’s a great feeling knowing that I’ve taken the stress out of framing, making it very easy and artful… and that my photographic prints have been handled with such quality and care through the whole journey to your home.

K x

EXCITING: to celebrate the launch of my ‘Signature Framing Service’ I’m doing a GIVEAWAY.

I’m giving away a framed photographic print of your choice. in my medium size.

Starts Friday 9th November 2018 at 6am, and ends Sunday 11th of November 2018.


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     2. Visit my INSTAGRAM post about the giveaway and tag your friends for extra entries

Above left: Framing detail with no mat for the Extra Large ‘Signature Framing Service‘ / Above right: Framing detail with no mat for the Extra Large ‘Signature Framing Service’ 

PS – When it comes to my Extra Large Photographic Prints, my ‘Signature Framing Service’ is matless for this statement size.

I find it is more artful for this size to look as contemporary as possible, for me that means no mat.

 To protect the print David actually sets the print back, using a wood spacer to leave space between the print and acrylic.

This luxurious and sophisticated finish is almost like a beautiful piece of handcrafted furniture.

My signature framing service is an option on all of my limited edition photographic prints and available in my shop now.


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3 Comments to “My Signature Framing Service”

  1. Dearest Kara,

    Love all your work and everything you recommend :). The framing looks fantastic, especially with the hand of an expert like David and talented photographer like you. Thanks for providing this service.

    May I know if you print your photos with him as well? I have some old photos of my parents wedding and would like to print it on a premium paper like yours (I have your prints in my living room), not all photo labs have fine art papers… Thanks much!

    • Dear Katrin – Great to hear from you. David is my framer. My printer who I have been using for close to 20 years is another chap. I use Hahnemühle Fine Art paper, so you just need to ask you printer to see if they can arrange this for you.Thank you Katrin,

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