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Travel Diary

Winter Camping Brooms Head

©Kara Rosenlund

I’m not sure about you, but sometimes when the seasons change I need to get away and escape… to reconfigure things. Primitive I know, sounds a little weird, but that’s just how I seem to roll.

So husband Timothy O and I packed up Frankie the caravan and hit the road for a few nights, camping by the beach, near Yamba in New South Wales. BTW – you should play the music above – Im getting all fancy with my blog posts lately!

The thing is when you own old stuff – like a 1956 caravan – things always go wrong, like every single time.  You can never fight it – you just need to have the right attitude….

This time we got a flat tyre on the way down. Lucky we had a spare, you can never ever wing these things. Trust me, I know – I thought you could and I have suffered for it in the past.

Old things can never be trusted and always kick your arse.

Like, the time we blew both tyres on the highway going to Byron Bay and had to call a tow truck – no seaside holiday for us, just lots of frowns and no talking, as we followed the tow truck home with Frankie on top of it……

Or the time Frankie just decided to jump off the tow bar in the middle of peak hour traffic – that was fun, not. Caravans, no matter how cute and small, are really heavy to pick up….Or …. ok, I won’t keep going, let’s just say there is a list….. but these things always make you stronger right? – or paranoid…. Same. Same.

So we arrived to perfect wintery seaside conditions, with not a soul in sight…. I love this spot – it really is where the bush meets the beach… We set up camp just back from the beach and lit a fire straight away….

This place is teeming with kangaroos and to be honest, it always reminds me how beautiful Australia really is….Crazy cute and not afraid of me for a second this little kanga … I slow down here…. taking in the colours, the grasses and the light…

Picked up some fish, mussels and bits on the way and threw them in a pot on the fire… easy as…Then we sat around the fire,  listening to Yo La Tengo – perfect campfire music, lots of haunting instruments to loose yourself in – my favourite song is Daphnia, it even has a fire crackle in the song…. I included it above to listen to.

Then it was up with the first light…. Just magic waking up early in the cool salty air, so fresh. Knowing there was a new day with little distraction or commitment…. just getting back to basics….

After a morning swim and paddle I made crumpets and honey on the fire – and as you can see, I well and truly burnt them… good work Kara….

Then the rest of the time was spent on the beach under the cliffs…. swimming and fossicking for sea treasure, aka, sticks and stones. On the way down the coast we came across a van selling local fish and seafood on the side of the road – you know the ones, with all the handwritten signs – and we bought some seafaring food to cook on the fire…

It was just really powerful, to completely stop and take in a serious dose of nature and the change of seasons…

And then that was it…  topped back up again on the good life… I’m on location in South America next week – I know, I know! So, exciting – so stay tuned. I’ll be blogging – so sign up to my email list so you don’t miss a single bit!

Who wants a poncho and a baby donkey?

K x





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17 Comments to “Winter Camping Brooms Head”

  1. LOVE love love Kara! Thanks for the reminder of how the weekend should be. Really inspiring and adored all your beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing! xox

  2. Ohhh love this little documentary Kara! Almost feel like I had a break myself! And that seafood looks ahmazing! Have fun in South America lucky thing xx M

  3. I found your blog through Mel from styledcanvas and I'm so happy for that. Enjoyed reading your post so much from the other side of the globe.
    That seems like a perfect weekend you had. Love the pictures and your writing and I'll surely be back.
    Greetings from Germany,

  4. Love Yamba and have almost the same photos ( but not as professional!) as yours. Fantastic choice to get awa between seasons and chill with no social media or tech stuff. Thanks for the raw beauty Kara x

  5. We've just ordered our caravan, not a vintage one sadly, and I'm so looking forward to trips like this. Living in western Sydney temporarily, I miss the beach. It will be great to go home to the Gold Coast at the end of the year and feel the sand and the sea again.

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