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In the Workshop

The Making of My Kitchen Collection

©Kara Rosenlund

This post is an exciting one. We are going on a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the making of my KR Kitchen Collection, visiting the workshop of Carol Russell, the wonderful woodworker who I’ve been working with as part of my new range.

I had been wanting to release a wooden kitchen collection for so long, years in fact. A collection of my ultimate tools for the kitchen, things you only need to buy one of and are made to last. Each object has been designed for a specific purpose based on the tradition of cooking….and are also strikingly beautiful on the eye.

I also wanted the pieces to be Australian made, using only Australian timbers. They had to feel a certain way when using them in the hand, to slow you down a little, to appreciate the smaller things in life.

When I met woodworker Carol Russell everything I had previously hoped for became a reality. With her woodworking talents and her tender approach to life, she understood how sentimental and from the heart this collection had to be for me. Together we designed each of these beautiful pieces based on how I like to feel while cooking and doing certain tasks in the kitchen.

There is something rather special about being invited into a craftspersons workshop. The smell of the woodchips and progress in the air, the humble surroundings and the familiar sounds of ABC Radio National on the radio. I love it.


My eyes became a bit teary when I saw my initials being burnt into the Tasmanian blackwood. Such a proud moment. It’s one thing to release a range of products, though it means so much more when you know and are involved in the whole process behind them, from the design phase all the way through to the final product. How considered each part of the journey has been and the attachment you have to each of the finished pieces.

That’s me, having a moment with a new KR spoon, in disbelief really of  how beautiful a spoon can be. With its extra long handle and perfectly shaped spoon ‘bowl’, which is the ideal size to fit in your mouth to taste what you are cooking.

Hard to believe a knife and chisel can achieve such perfection. Transforming a chunk of timber found in nature into a piece of purposeful beauty.

A cooking spoon, a double ended spoon measure (one end a teaspoon and the other a tablespoon), a 1/4 scoop and a serving board in two sizes with a rope handle to fit perfectly in your hand. I really couldn’t be any happier or prouder, I just love these objects so much and I hope you do too!


K x



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3 Comments to “The Making of My Kitchen Collection”

  1. I LOVED having a read of this honey, and a jolly good perv at the photos too. I absolutely adore my spoon, measures and board! Keep meaning to take a pic for Insta but I’m usually too in the moment and covered in stuff to do it ;) I think my pieces are beyond beautiful and reading this has just elevated them into the extraordinary. Thank you and YAY YAY YAY to you!!! GO GIRL! Sending much love xoxo

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