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An Updated House Tour

©Kara Rosenlund

It’s been a while since I’ve opened up the doors to my home. There is nothing I love more than being at home. Home has a way of nourishing and nurturing, topping you back up again.

The last time I posted shots from inside my home was over 2 years ago. Some things have changed and others not so much so. I do like to stay true to my natural style, taking my firm lead from nature.

I spend so much time away travelling as a photographer, but the one thing which is always on my mind when I’m away is home. I’m always collecting pieces to add to its layers when I’m on the road. Lots of natural textures, colours and most importantly stories. I love how an object can remind you of a time gone by and you become sentimental about it.

I’m often asked where I have found certain pieces and most of the time they are one off objects I’ve stumbled across while travelling or a dusty old vintage find. It’s such a pain disappointing people when you have no idea where someone else can find something similar.

So, for the past few months I’ve been designing and curating a collection for the home based on what inspires me, my favourite pieces and how I love to live with them. It’s called the KR Home Collection, fancy and I’m going to make these pieces available to purchase through my online shop.


There’s something primitive, yet luxurious about surrounding yourself with natural fibres and textures. I find it soothing and nourishing and helps bring a heavy dose of calm to hectic modern day.

Taking a lead from nature always ensures a sense of timeliness. Things don’t seem to ‘date’ or ‘go off trend’, nature has a way of dissolving all that nonsense and pressure.

Above: KR Wooden Board.

When I was designing the range I approached it just as though I was designing a room – from the floor up. The Foundations. In the collection so far is a large cow hide, a sweet goat hide throw which is so versatile and an assortment of generous hide cushions.

I’ve used all these for years as a stylist and love living with them in my own home. All in gorgeous neutral tones of pale white, through to buttery tan.

Above left: KR Wooden Mixing Spoon.

So that was it, a little peek in at home and also what I’ve been simmering away on. Lots more to come. You can preview them below in the shop!

K x


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20 Comments to “An Updated House Tour”

      • Lucky you wish I had that problem! One question, are the instagram photos printed on the same paper as the shop prints? I have one of your shop prints and thinking of ordering some prints of your instagram photos, they are so beautiful. Feel like I need to be surrounded by Australian images here in Stockholm xx ps your photos capture all the things I love about the country and it makes me homesick!

  1. So very beautiful, inspiring, creative, jaw droppingly wonderful. My heart races as I scroll through your beautiful images. Just stunning, as is all your fantastic work. Thank you. xx

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