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Travel Diary

In the Desert of Namibia

©Kara Rosenlund

A single week doesn’t go by when I’m not reminded by last years incredible trip to Namibia. It truly was extraordinary.

My highlight was spending time with the Himba tribeswomen and being in their presence. I’m itching to do another trip. So until that happens I decided to curate an edited version of the best shots from last years body of work from my blog posts, so we can all relive the trip together.


If you are interested in reading more from this trip, here are parts one, two and three.

Above: looking in on a nomadic Himba camp.

Coming up over the sand dunes and looking down into the Himba village still gives me goosebumps. I didn’t know what to expect. To think a whole village lives within that fenced timber ring, with their livestock at the foot of the mountains in the sand. So isolated and unspoilt, like the land that time forgot.

Namibia is such a vast land, it’s one of the least populated countries on the globe. I found every aspect inspiring. Everything from the Himba huts made from sticks and animal dung, to the tribeswomen who spoke no English – yet we ‘spoke’ for hours together, to the beautiful handmade jewellery which adorn their necks, wrists and ankles. I loved it all.

Above left: Himba Bangle / Above right: Himba tribeswoman.

Above: droving cattle in the landscape.

Above left: the traditional clay coloured fabric / Above right: traditional Himba clothing.

Above: children in the desert of Namibia.

Above left: and elder with with children / Above right: Namibia Himba Two Photographic Print.

Above: the vast Namibian landscape.

There was something about the women on this trip. I found them to be so strong and ridiculously beautiful, in such a timeless way. Each had their own story, not easy stories, difficult and dangerous stories, the stories which make you cry in empathy. But life goes on here and so do these brilliant women.

Above: human destruction in the desert.

Above: the vast Namibian landscape at dusk.

The air, the light, the colours, the freedom. I miss it so much. If you would like to read more in detail, here are the three original posts one, two and three. Enjoy!

Kara x


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