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First Look: New Print Collection


Hello Hello! Gosh, it’s all systems go around here at the moment. I’ve been working on a new exciting photographic print release, landing in the shop this Friday the 15th (mark it in your calendar).

It’s coming together so well, I’m so proud, the work feels really rather soulful…

Thought I would give you a sneak peek, here is some of the collection – everyone likes a sneaky snoop around…


I’ve titled the new series Wild, mainly as so much of my life as a photographer is spent on the road close to nature, which I love.

When I return home to the crazy busy city it’s important for me to be reminded of that visual relationship of the honest wildness of nature.



… I’ve been really into these feminine and gentle sorbet and ice-cream colours lately. The sky has been pouring these tones out each evening on dusk… hypnotising…


… so that’s it for now…. you will be hearing from me a bit later in the week with more…

…. plus, secret squirrel –  I’m going to celebrate the new release with a $50 gift to shop all of my prints over the weekend just for 48 hours – to thank you for all of the support you shine my way, it never goes unnoticed.

See – I told you HEAPS is happening here right now!

K x

P.S. You can see more of what’s coming soon here.


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