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Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

Well, that weekend went by in a blink….. straight up on Saturday morning I decided to get into organising the ‘spare room’ ughh. What is it with spare rooms, they naturally evolve into dumping grounds for ‘stuff’, ours is no different….

The spare room has gone through many an incarnation, though its main call of duty is to house clothes and bits – these little workers cottages are great, though they aren’t generous on storage, so sometimes you really do need an entire room to house your ‘bits’….


… I read somewhere that to help you fall in love with a ‘not so loveable’ room you should put some of your favourite things in the room to help you love it a bit more

… so that’s what I did… including my Wild Horses print and one of the Namibian tribeswomen photographs from last years trip…. and you know what, it’s actually working….. I’m totally digging the spare room right now – truth be told I’m in here right now tapping away this blog post….


… I’m working with an amazing woodworker friend of mine on my upcoming range for the home – I know, it’s so exciting, like some nights I can’t sleep because I’m so excited!….. She finished off the handcarved  cheeseboard on Saturday morning and gave me strict instructions to run it through the cheese gauntlet and test it out, so that’s what I did….


… the range is based on a few of my favourite vintage objects for the kitchen… and more importantly how these everyday objects feel and fit it the hand…. the texture of the old rope, the weight of the timber board… the tautness of both materials coming together…. all the small things which help create such effortless pleasure in everyday objects…

Rosenlund005 Rosenlund006

… Timothy O got the wood fire oven happening in the backyard for a Saturday night dinner….


… then this morning we were up with the birds and hit Coolangatta … I was here through the week shooting for a magazine job and I had such a great time, I decided we should head down for a paddle and swim…. no sunny day should go wasted…


… I love all the old school apartment blocks and fibro holiday shacks…. like a little time capsule from another era….

Rosenlund009 Rosenlund010

…. had a bit of a read of this months Collective Hub – yes, yes, which has me in it…. it actually is a really interesting read, as the story talks about my journey and how I’ve ended up doing what I do. You can click here for a read if you are interested.


… I swear this is the first time these sandals have been off my feet since they arrived in the mail… New favourites….


… and then that was it… time to head home.. weekend over. Ohh.



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