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Travel Diary

Stories from The Australia Collection – Part 2


Behind the scenes stories from my latest collection of photographic prints – The Australia Collection. Read Part 1 here.

Dirt Track


 © Kara Rosenlund

This photo was taken in South Australia. I was on a huge sheep station called Paratoo – so large that mountain ranges are used as boundaries, where the land goes all the way to the horizon. The farmer who owned the property needed to check on a tank and I said I’d come along for the ride. I wanted to breath in and feel the landscape, so I hopped in the tray of the ute – with the dog, and watched the dirt track come alive!

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Bridle Track


© Kara Rosenlund

I was in the village of Hill End, the former gold rush town in central New South Wales and I was chasing ‘golden hour’, that beautiful afternoon light….

I’d finished shooting interiors for the day and decided to go for a walk – down through the Bridle Track, which is an old horse travel route – a thin winding ribbon of dirt through dense bush. As I was walking, I could smell the strong scent of eucalyptus leaves in the air, as they crushed beneath my feet.

I spotted this cluster of trees and I loved the light coming through – the sun was going down and the last light of the day was sneaking through the leaves. It left me with such a feeling of calm.

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