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The Design Files


….. What a day…… I’m featured on The Design Files today….. Australia’s most popular design blog you know… and to me TDF is my loyalist and most loved friend when it comes to blogland; you know the girlfriend who is always ahead of the pack, the cool chick with the great haircut, the one that tells you where we should eat lunch today and whether or not your shoes really do look weird with your new jeans…. well, to me The Design Files is that girlfriend… and I am beyond delighted to be featured today… It sure is a Good Friday!

K x


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2 Comments to “The Design Files”

  1. Kara
    You’re one talented lass. You deserve to be on TDF and every other creative blog out there. Soooo envious of folk like you. To have that get up and go attitude at such a young age is something I wish for for my own young children. Congratulations on achieving what you long for. Come to Singapore!

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