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Weekend in Pictures


Good Morning! Boy, has it been rainy and cold here in Brisbane. This shot was from early Saturday morning and I don’t think I have seen an inch of blue since….


Timothy O and I quickly snuck in some planting on top of the hen house before the rain came down…the whole ‘roof top’ thing is coming along really well… we then got ourselves organised to go camping out of town with our group of friends….


I made a simple chocolate cake in hope to take camping… however the cake turned into a ‘pudding’ which is was meant to do according to the Elizabeth David recipe gosh I love her recipes … so I decided it wasn’t a ‘traveller’ and it stayed at home…


This is Speckles…. Speckles lives on the farm we stayed at… don’t tell our feathery girls who we left at home…. they might get jealous…. love Speckles feathers… she was a good ‘cuddler‘ too….


Farm life…


One of the many sheds on the property…. love an old shed… you never know what you will  find….


Fire… oh how you lift the spirits on a cold and wet afternoon…..

rosenlund_0008 rosenlund_0009

… we brought along a jaffle iron… nothing beats a warm toasted sandwich on an open fire…


Timothy O and I hit Pearl Cafe Sunday for a lovely long lunch…. on Sundays Pearl have a set roast and dessert bundled menu which was delicious… highly recommend it…



… there really were more people here for lunch… we were just the last ones to leave…




…. back at home I prepared stock for this weekends coming market – we are going to be at The Finders Keepers Market on Saturday and Sunday! Yeh – how cool is that! The Old Museum on Gregory Terrace from 10am both days. More to come through the week!

It will be special! K x


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3 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Ah just caught up on my doze of Kara:)
    Umm I am SO impressed with your iron jaffle! I know Cal would be impressed too.. it’s a future must find. x

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