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Inside Out Magazine


©Kara Rosenlund

Have you see in yet?… Have you seen our little cottage on the front cover of this month’s Inside Out Magazine? I can’t believe…. I really can’t….. there is even a really beautiful story on the inside on page 70 about our journey with our house and our general lifestyle…. the  talented Megan Morton wrote the story and I photographed it only recently…. you should check it out… even if I do say so myself…. it has been such a long journey renovating…. we feel ever so proud…..

House, I love you, you did well and you shone…. Timothy O, Mum and Dad, what an amazing exhausting journey we have all been on together…

When I get back from the Melbourne road trip I will share some of the ‘back catologue’ ‘before’ shots with you all…. you will shudder… I promise! She wasn’t always beautiful….

K xxxx


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16 Comments to “Inside Out Magazine”

  1. Hi Kara, Yes I have seen the spread! Having an old worker’s cottage myself I always love to see how others are renovating/decorating theirs. What an awesome job you have done. I love your house (and I would’ve liked to try whitewashed floors on my house, but with 4 young boys, I didn’t think it would be a good idea.) I can’t wait to see the before shots. (btw I’m still waiting on a cookbook announcement!) Your photography is fabulous. xx

    • Hi Caroline….. thank you for your comment; I love seeing other people interpretations also….. thank you for your kind words….. as yes, a book…. maybe sooner than later xx

  2. You make it sound as if you are finished. Are you finished? Are you finished renovating? GASP I’m sure that will be music to Timothy’s ears!!!!! Hang on, doesn’t the floor need another light sand and what about the backyard and maybe the….

    • I know Sally…. these old homes love maintenance… we are finished for now….. I’m sure another project is just around the corner though. x

    • Hi Ness – thank you, it i great to see different styles of houses from around Australia. From what I see on instagram your house is lovely! x

  3. Your home is absolutely beautiful Kara and I am loving your blog! May I ask where your front doormat is from? (black and natural chevron pattern
    Have been looking all over and can’t find anything similar.

  4. Hello Kara ! I have just seen thi post, and now 2 years later I am wondering if your house has changed much ? Love love it ! Looks very French -:) also myself I would love a bit more colour , I like to have different colour on my walls to create different moods for different rooms..
    I live in WA and also enjoyed that city/coastal feel …
    Can't wait to buy your book when it will be available xxx

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