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Weekend in Pictures – Early Christmas Gift

Our weekend was a bit boring… really, there was nothing to photograph… we had the market on Saturday and then I worked in front of the computer all weekend and yesterday….. so  today I decided to give myself a day off kinda

I secretly went out to the country and found Timothy O’s Christmas Gift …..

I went far and wide with plans to find one little young Pekin Bantam for our flock….

… and instead I came home with two… eeekkkk. Everything is better in pairs… right?

They are still a little shy….  I hope they will fit in with the other girls…

This is Bettina, our ‘ragamuffin girl’… she loves her food (she is on a diet at the moment) and loves to dust bath in flower pots …. she has the largest and loudest set of chicken lungs I have ever heard…. especially at sunrise.

This is Gigi, Bettina’s sister, they look similar, though they are very different… it is all in their little faces…I surprised Timothy O with these two girls for Easter a few years ago (is there a pattern occuring here?) … Gigi is an emotional chicken… all she wants to do is to be a chicken mum… always clucky…. I had to pull her off her nest for this shot… hence the slightly confused and ruffled look.

This is Nigella who you are probably familiar with… Nigella is… well… a bit special… she is my Elizabeth Taylor as you know… part drama queen, part dreamer. part beauty… she also has nine lives…

This is Coco…. Gigi is Coco’s mother… Coco is French and gorgeous… and she knows it… her little comb sits like a French beret, slightly tilted on her head.  Coco has always been particular about things ‘strong willed’ and is the only chicken we have who sneaks upstairs to sit high on furniture. I think she doesn’t realise she is indeed a chicken.

… and here we have two little girls (three if you include me) sitting in their basket under the Christmas tree listening to Christmas carols waiting for Timothy O to come home soon to say hello…..

What do you think we should name them?

K x

P.S… if you too want Pekin Bantams I know a top man… just email me.


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27 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures – Early Christmas Gift”

  1. They are amazing. My parents have chickens too – just introduce some new ones a couple of weeks ago and there is definitely some henpecking at the beginning. Ouch. Hope it went well with Mr O.

  2. I love this post Kara! We are the same way with our hens. Although they’re not as pretty (ex battery hens) we love them so much and each have different characters. Beautiful photography. Well done x

  3. Cruella de Vil and Gwendolyn ;) Gorgeous pics. We just attended our first country show after moving from Brisbane to Bangalow and the poultry exhibits were such eye openers! I never knew they could be such HUGE birds.

    • Joan and Jackie Est Magazine…… very racy and full of glamour…. I can hear them cackling now just at the thought of being part of the Collins Dynasty! ha xx

  4. Congratulations on the new additions to your family.
    Here a few name suggestions for your gals:
    Matisse and Toulouse
    April and June
    Ruby and Pearl
    Clarissa and Jennifer
    Kate and Camilla
    Patsy and Eddy
    Holly and Noelle
    Freckles and Speckles
    Love your work Kara!!

    • Ella… wow…. thank you so much for your suggestions… I love Eddy…. and Matisse… and Patsy… the cat next door is called Toulouse, so I don’t think its good karma to call a chicken after a cat! haha .xxx

  5. Gigi does not look pleased at all! I love your two newbies – they are tremendous so young and loose and shy. I can’t wait to meet them. But you know that no matter how many more chickens you bring into my life (how many more chickens can you bring into my life) Coco will ALWAYS have my heart. She is my first born! xx

    • No… I’m afraid all the older girls are not happy with me…. they started going off this morning at 4.15am…. eeekk. Fun times at the ranch! x

  6. I love the chickens.. So very cute.. We have chickens too andcwe have one that follows us everywhere and if you sit down will jump up on your lap! ;)
    I would love to know how you made the Chistmas tree.. Its beautiful!
    Hope the girls are doing well!

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