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Christmas Vibe

©Kara Rosenlund

Are you feeling the Christmas vibe? I can’t believe Christmas is so close… This week it feels particularly close as we are having an early Christmas with Timothy O’s family over the weekend.

I’m getting into the Christmas vibe… random Christmas bits scattered about… sort of…

I even made gingerbread this year… they may not look that pretty though they taste rather good…. I’m no ‘Pipe Piper’ when it comes to royal icing…

I had a special delivery arrive yesterday… two new ornaments from Anthropolgie… I allow myself the tradition of a couple of new ornaments each year, do you?

I am such a sucker for animals ornaments…. I am truly in love with the glass Baleen…

he even has a glitter blow hole…

… and how sweet is the Odette Swan… Gosh, I love the name Odette.

Talk soon.

K x

P.S Chicken Update…. we almost have names for the new little girls, however the introduction has not gone well… no, no, no…(channel Amy Winehouse’s song Rehab for the no, no, no’s…) The older girls are not at all impressed or happy about the new girls (especially Gigi, she is the Queen Bee and is the one in charge; she totally lost her cool last night and I thought she was going to die (seriously), that is how worked up she got) …. no, no, no…it’s not going well. x

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5 Comments to “Christmas Vibe”

  1. That deer is creepy! It has devil eyes! I love the whale – he is a beauty and the gingerbread were excellent….a little too excellent. Oh well – tis the season to be jolly, and um, fat! xx

  2. Hullo! I’m sure you already know this and are doing it…best way I’ve found is to keep the new girls separate but close/in view of the older hens. Can you separate them somehow? Give them a week or so to get used to each other then let them out together to free range and provide lots of distracting treats. It’s heart breaking and sure gives meaning to the phrase hen pecked!! Hang in there.
    Love the Christmas spread too.

  3. Hi Mrs Bok…. thanks for the hot tips… it is heartbreaking… I think it is a little worse / bad timing as Gigi is clucky and has a heighten sense of newness… Will let you know how they have all got on. xxx

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