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Weekend in Pictures

How was your weekend? Ours was very damp….. Arrived at New Farm Park at 3.30am to wait until the gates were opened for the stall holders.

I set up our little stall under our pergola, I don’t usually use the pergola, I much prefer open air, however today was so wet I had to set it up underneath the cover.

Fresh produce at our neighbour’s stall.

I bought some natives at the market, which I stashed in my gumboots while we were unloading at home.

Our friend photographer Toby Scott popped round to say hello.

I gave him some eggs to take home from the girls…. then the afternoon rolled into the evening.

Up early to a home cooked hot breakfast.

A very old orphanage in the area was open to the public on Sunday, which is quite rare. Timothy O and I popped by to check out the architecture.

Amazing floors.

We did some minor repairs to Frankie the caravan in my parents shed. Thanks for the tea Mum.

Some random bangles and bracelets I’m wearing at the moment,

Finally applied plate hooks to my pewter plates.

The start of the pewter plate wall… more to come soon I hope.

I am out of town this week… Timothy O may be doing a post or two. Have a great week!



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9 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Yes, I’m with blimey above…3.30am!

    Bit in love with that orphanage…the door and staircase are beautiful and the floors.

    Thanks so much for taking time to say hi, love your place. xxx Debra

  2. Hi Kara,
    I’m being very rude & asking where you got your divine light fixture that is beside the pewter plates (Beautiful too!) it is exactly what I am after for our bathroom but have been unable to find, it’s vintage isn’t it? Thanks so much xx Kylie

    • Hi Kylie, not rude at all…. We are actually going to start selling those fixtures soon. Old and original….. watch this space…. they are coming. x

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