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Honeymoon in Pictures

Here it is… Honeymoon in Pictures! After finally arriving into beautiful Queenstown en route from Christchurch …long story…due to poor visibility we had to be redirected into Christchurch mid flight, which then entailed an eight hour coach ride from Christchurch to Queenstown… yes eight hours on a coach with literally a whole plane load of people… apparently this happens a lot …and here we were thinking that we would just ‘pop’ over to NZ for our honeymoon and not worry about losing time on a long haul flight… let’s just say we could of gone to New York…..we were greeted with the most incredible view. Everything looked like glass. The mountains, the air, the lake… couldn’t believe the beauty and perfection of it all. We picked up our hire car Corolla and hit the icy tracks to Glenorchy to our first destination Blanket Bay.

So much beauty everywhere; even the wild grasses captivated me.

The lodge at Blanket Bay encompasses the most breathtaking views of the area.

If only it was summertime to indulge in a swim on the lake and jump off the pier into the depths.

Timothy O caught a cold so he tuckered in to the lemon and honey with hot water… which meant I did too…. I didn’t want to miss out on the delicious looking concoction.

After staying at Blanket Bay for three days we drove to Moeraki, with the single purpose…. to dine at Fleur’s Place.

Tile detail out the front of Fleur’s,

The perfect front door at Fleur’s Place. Loved it all.

As the day turned overcast and the sea winds bellowed, our table upstairs felt very low fi and comforting; Timothy O and I arrived early and left late. After reading Fleur’s book it was so special to be able to share her special restaurant and be in her space.

After Moeraki we drove up to Kaikoura to stay at Hapuku Lodge in one of their tree houses. I didn’t realise at the time though Hapuku Lodge is also a deer farm!

If you look carefully you can see Timothy O waving… silliness.

The tree houses at Hapuku would have to be the most considered environment we have ever stayed. On one side of the tree house there was the sprawling deer farm with snow capped mountains and on the other was an olive grove with views of the South Pacific Ocean. The level of comfort was extraordinary. The pillows, the mattress, the mattress topper, the sheets, the duvet… I could keep going… I pulled that bed apart after the first nights sleep to find out who could make such delicious bedding!

Whenever I am staying for an extended length of time anywhere I like to personalise the room. Timothy O and I foraged around the area and came back with lots of foliage on a morning walk.

Picnics by the sea.

Picnics in the olive grove.

And then there was Annie the deer…. the most heart melting animal you could ever cross. She greeted us with her long batting eyelashes and lots of licks…. and in return we gave her little apples, pats and cuddles.

Some of the local mobile industries… Frankie would fit right in!

After four days at Hapuku Lodge we were so sad to leave….we drove up to Picton and caught a ferry over to The Bay of Many Coves deep in the Marlborough Sounds.

By the time we arrived at The Bay of Many Coves the weather had taken a bit of a turn which set in for our entire stay. We tried bush walking… it got dangerously slippery… we kayaked…. until it rained… we read…. we looked at the sea…. then we discovered Hannes…. Hannes Bareiter, the German chef at The Bay of Many Coves. For the whole duration of our stay we literally counted down the minutes until we could experience Hannes’ cuisine. Each night we would just let him decide what we would have, complete free reign! Timothy O and I have wined and dined ourselves all over the world and with out doubt Hannes’ sensibility and approach to food was so refreshing and striking.

Then we said goodbye to New Zealand….

And arrived home just in time to celebrate Timothy O’s birthday.

That was it.. that was our Honeymoon in Pictures!

Go to New Zealand!

K x



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21 Comments to “Honeymoon in Pictures”

  1. Absolutely stunning! I lived in NZ for ten years and your photos have stirred a little homesickness in my heart, the first time since moving back to OZ 3 years ago! Thank you for sharing what looks to be a beautiful time celebrating wedding bliss. KKx

    • Hi Kyrie – hope you have recovered from the little bout of homesickness. It is such a beauty country Kyrie, I think it’s ok to feel a little homesick. xxx

  2. Wow Kara! You have encapsulated the raw beauty of this country perfectly. From the cool windy shorelines to the warmth and cosiness of the treehouse, I have loved every minute of my sneak peek of New Zealand. Definitely need to visit! Thanks so much for sharing x

  3. breath taking Kara. New Zealand has been on my list of places to visit for a long time. your photography has inspired me even more. so glad you had such a wonderful time there. thank you for sharing your special memories. x

  4. Kara, I love these photos, thank you for sharing. My husband and I lived in the South Island for 3 years and we were fortunate enough to see many beautiful places in our weekend travels. These images make me want to return soon…my husband would move back tomorrow! Such a special place in the world.

  5. Kia Ora Kara and Timothy
    These photos are absolutely gorgeous….it makes me want to stay there….you guys were just the most perfect guests it was great to be able to look after you at such a special time.
    Annie is just pining for you, I have never seen her be so affectionate………we are also now offering little picnic baskets to guests to go down and relax in the Olive grove and soak in the Hapuku atmosphere. Love to see you back one day!

  6. Stunning images! I absolutely loved looking through them and it really looks like you had a wonderful time. My man and I haven’t taken our honeymoon yet, it looks like we may have to head to NZ! Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. It s funny because we wanted to plan a trip to Nz !!How gorgeous are your photos !!!how long did you stay there ?could you givre me your adress of all the Bb or lodges ? Also places to ski ? Thank you in ‘avance. Carole

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