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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Online Shop Launching This Week

Happy Monday! Yes – the online shop will be launching THIS week! How exciting is that! I’m very busy getting things just right for you all! Big Week! Do you like the new blog format… gosh, so many changes!

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K x


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15 Comments to “Online Shop Launching This Week”

  1. I love the new format – simple but with a few little extras! I am also very excited about the online shop – I had no idea you were thinking about doing this! How spectacular! I am also very much in love with your milk bottle – hopefully there might be one of those in the shop??? For me???? xxx

  2. I’m starting to think Sally O is waiting by the computar for your blog posts! What a wonderful fan! Now that we are “friends” i am going to do that too.. ;) Ok.. I’m emailing you now.. x

  3. The new blog format looks great Kara, nice to see the bigger pictures. We can enjoy more of your gorgeous styling this way! Can’t wait to see the shop go live too! Wohoo big week!

    • It was all your fault Nikole as to why I had to change my blog…. :) I freaked out and thought that my blog wasn’t doing your images any justice at my current narrow width ! haha! hello 680px width! xx

  4. Do we get name tags and uniforms for the store room?
    Very exciting…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kara! I wish I had stayed in Oz just so I could get my hands on the unique stuff you source. Any recommendations to find an amazing buyer like you in the UK?

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