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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Something fun to do – Interiors Addict!

Are you on instagram? Hop on instgram… I keep yapping on about how much I love instagram …. go here to join.

If you join you can do this fun interiors ‘Photo a Day’ concept on Instagram that the talented and very clever Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict has designed/modified.

Each day you take a shot of what the chart says. Today is the 5th of July, so I just took a shot of my couch and tagged in #interiorsphotomonth #couch. Easy as!

Don’t feel as though it’s too late to join in on the fun; today is my first day too! We can be new together! Go and join…. then find me…. my user name is kararosenlund….. then take a shot of your couch!

K x


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8 Comments to “Something fun to do – Interiors Addict!”

  1. Ahh yes the humble couch! Always gorgeous in white or shades of. Not even two little children, a peeing rabbit and often spilled red will deter me! Its all in the depth hey Kara. If the couch ain’t deep enough the search continues. Long live the white couch and all those wonderful accessories that sit well with it. Katy

    • I still remember when you had the sofa recovered 8 years ago Katy…. it was that moment that I decided ‘one day I will have a white sofa too!’…….. hahaha……. wow…. peeing rabbit! You are very good Katy! haha. xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing this great idea – love your sofa. I’ve been meaning to do a ‘photo a day challenge’ for a while, but am more inspired by this interiors one. Have just spent over an hour though struggling with instagram (poor mobile/internet connection?) that I might put my photos on my blog. Not the same sharing experience though!

    • How frustrating Jenny…. maybe just try a little later on…. it may be really busy on instagram and sometimes when this happens it crashes and plays up . xxx

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