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Our Home

Weekend in Pictures

 Timothy O’s New Hat

The girls recent feather molt

More feathers

All hats need feathers

Our Gin Tree

The Gracilis Bamboo

Breakfast Sunday at home

The mountain of spinach

Timothy O and his off sider Coco

The filth of DIY

The fabric selection

Jonquil bulbs

Coco curiously watching me plant the bulbs

New front door mat

The front door with the new mat

What a weekend! We started off with a little cheeky shopping and Timothy O found his dream hat – a felt Fedora. He was very chuffed, I was less than chuffed with the feathers that came with the hat, so I got to work replacing them with our girls feathers I had been collecting over their recent molt and some other feathers I have in my collection.

The rest of the day was spent digging up our back yard like crazy people. Digging out existing trees and replacing them with tall Gracilis bamboo, which is a clumping bamboo that apparently doesn’t have a large root system like the other bamboos. We are hoping to create a screen of bamboo to make our backyard feel more private. Let’s just say it was an early night after digging over 15 large holes.

We enjoyed a long breakfast at home and were still feeling the tightness of the previous day’s digging. I then chopped what felt like a mountain of fresh spinach to make my girlfriend Marcia’s spinach pie.

Timothy O did more painting, yes, more freakin’ painting. Little Coco was very interested in what he was up to.

I finalised the fabric for a really long curtain I’m working on.

I then planted Jonquil bulbs in anything and everything that would hold dirt really… and Coco watched…. very curious.

I then dashed out to get a new front door mat.

And that was it, that was my Weekend in Pictures. Hope you had a great weekend too.

K x


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12 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Seriously – that little chicken…words cannot describe how much I love her!!!! She is looking a little thinner but still super cute and totally smart. What is a gin tree??? Do I need one too? You should have told us about the digging – we have a pothole digger! xx

    • I know – she is very special, always near by, watching. The Gin Tree is a variety of Juniper Tree, slow growing, though very beautiful. It had to be moved… I broke the number one rule in gardening – ‘Never move a happy plant! xx

  2. LOVE the Door Mat!! Always a stylish welcome at your place.
    I was going to say painting again Tim, but this will still probably be a reoccurring theme for a while really.
    Fabric samples look like my wedding book fabric, and MMMMMMMM spinach pie YUM, I thought you were due for one sorry it’s been too long xx

    • That sounds incredible Sneaky Magpie! Will have to look that one up. The spinach at the moment is looking so great, so I want to do the most I can with it. – hope you guys are well! xx

  3. oh, i miss having chookens! and jonquils, what a good idea! i have been focusing on herbs and vegies lately, but i think a trip to the bulb section of the nursery might be in order!

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