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Weekend in Pictures

©Kara Rosenlund

What a weekend! Market Saturday and Mother’s Day Sunday! Heavy dew and a cool snap in the air coming off the Brisbane River, made for a perfect autumn day at the market! Lot’s of people came out which always makes for a great day! We sold lots of lovely pieces, both big and small ….and I even had a severe case of bag envy! (fifth shot down)

After we packed up at the market, we came back home to unpack here. I rearranged some olive branches from our stall in the dining room and little Coco came up to see what was happening ( FYI – I don’t put my chickens in these crazy positions, they do it themselves; very cheeky!). Then it was back into what we do best….the never ending  painting.

Mother’s Day Sunday came around and we had an early morning breakfast with Timothy O’s family at local Swedish cafe Stockholm Syndrome. Nothing like smoked fish and dark rye for breakfast! Then it was my mother’s turn in the afternoon. She loves barefoot bowls (not that she plays often), so Barefoot Bowls it was by the river. Lot’s of fun indeed! Happy Mother’s Day Mum. x

K x


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7 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. I can definately relate to the shot of the paint brush atop the can of white paint!!! I empathize! I STILL haven’t finished our first room, and I still have the Haveli studio/office to paint in the coming 3 weeks. Barefoot bowling looks fab…our local RSL has it. Must try it. Have a great week and thanks for sharing x

  2. I have to say….I’m in love with your kitchen. Love, love, love it. The fact that your chickens love it too is proof of its fab-ness. I’m a recent FB follower and blog reader and am really enjoying seeing what you do. I look forward to the planets aligning (i.e. good weather and well children) and I can finally get along to the markets and see Frankie in the flesh. Great blogging…thanks.

    • Joydee! Hello! How are you! SO lovely to hear from you! I am so pleased you are enjoying the blog. Yes, make sure you come on over and introduce yourself when the planets align on Market Saturday! Looking forward to seeing you xxx

  3. Hey kara loved finding you in my blog browsing today. There
    e are a little set of natural books featured above. Are they for sale, and if ‘yes’ how much are they?


    • Hi Deb – how are you! The bundle of books were for sale, though they have now been sold. I usually have bundles of books available, so keep a look out, I am working on my online shop too! x

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