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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Kids Room Finished

The ‘before shot’.

A few weeks back I started working on a little boys room. The brief was to make the room age appropriate and interactive.

When I went over last week to install the last piece of furniture (the crate bench library) for the room I was immediately hit by how interactive the room had become since I was last there.

Master L had got to work drawing his family on his chalkboard walls, cars were on the green faux grass speedway in the middle of the room and the yellow ‘sun’ fan I had spray painted was still very much held in high regard.

I see so often people overlooking the need to make these memory making spaces for kids age appropriate. I still remember my first bedroom with my pastel pink walls and matching curtains, with glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Real kid spaces for real kid dreaming.

I was particularly impressed with the water based chalk board paint I used from Murobond, I was after a specific tone for the walls so I mixed my own using Sibella Court for Murobond’s Pirate Black and Oceania.

Here and Here for more ‘in progress’ shots of the Master L’s room. room.

K x



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3 Comments to “Kids Room Finished”

  1. Kara!! Wow.. It looks INCREDIBLE!! I love it.. There is nothing better than a room a little way can play and imagine in.. I have painted Hunter’s room and we wallpapered one wall and hung his Flensted swallow mobile and the blind are up.. He NEVER went in there even when his toys were there and now he will play in there for up to an hour! It’s amazing and totally true that kids need a room where they can be kids.. Ps.. Where can i get some of those crates?? The ones i watch on ebay are really really expensive shipping from the states.. :( xx

    • Katherine! Hello! How have you been? Thank you… I loved doing the boys room! Hunter’s room sounds incredibly dreamy. I am such a sucker for Flensted mobiles – I had the elephant one in my Sydney apartment a few years back – so timeless. I can get you some crates if you like. My local dealer sells them for $65 each. They have had such a resurgence of late that it is hard to find them any cheaper really. Let me know, here is my email [email protected] K xxxx

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