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Disbud Chrysanthemums

©Kara Rosenlund

It’s almost Mother’s day here in Australia, and you know what that means… Chrysanthemum time. I’m not always one for the humble Chrysanthemum to be honest, however when it comes to the Disbud Chrysanthemum, well, that’s a whole other story.

I remember walking past my favourite florist in London, Wild at Heart, and being mesmerised by this large crazy magenta flower pot full of electric blooms, on an otherwise bleak London day. I just had to have it. So home we went on the tube together, proud as punch; almost hugging the flower pot as I walked through cobblestone London. That disbud flower pot kept Timothy O and my spirits high all through that winter.

To my absolute joy I found these orange disbud cut stems yesterday! Pure joy! I think the Disbud could definately rival the plump posh peony and the bonkers dahlia. What do you think?

Market tomorrow!

K x


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8 Comments to “Disbud Chrysanthemums”

  1. these are beautiful! i don’t think i’ve ever seen them before. i wonder where i would find them in perth… i’ve always wanted to live in a florist…my secret dream!

    • Hi Lillie – I think if you were to ask a local florist they would be able to get some for you. They are just the same as the regular chrysanthemums, except the disbuds are single stem flowers (one bud per stem), as opposed to the more popular ‘spray’ variety (aka, multiple buds on each stem). Good Luck! xx

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