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Weekend in Pictures

Some stock stems in old lab flasks.

If it holds water, then it’s a vase!

Market Stock.

Old Chemist Mortar and Pestles.

The make shift ‘reserved’ pile inside Frankie.

Our Italian neighbours bread.

Timothy O and I having some down time as it rains.

Pack Up!

Parmesan Bread.

Charolais Beef in the oven.

Building a faux wall for a shoot .

Are you sure you like these ‘Weekend in Pictures?’… It’s a bit repetitive I’ve noticed… are you bored? Work and Eat seems to be the trend. Didn’t realise this until I started the series.

Well, it was a market weekend which means a working weekend… an early rise Saturday morning and setting up the trestle tables and making it look as beautiful as possible… (in the dark)….  to the wafting aromas of our site neighbours’ freshly baked Italian bread. We always break some bread together in the mornings while it is still dark with the bakers while the bread is still warm. Their bread is the best.

I was thrilled to see one of my favourite flowers are back in season – Stocks, they have the most beautiful fragrance and it’s always a pleasure when the grower is as excited as you are about a new flower being in season. Lots of hand waving and excitement!

We were very busy with people rattling and rummaging around, on a hunt. I love making people happy when they find something they just absolutely must have.

Then the rain came down; it gave Timothy O and I a good chance to chat about some things and take a break which was lovely.

Then it is the ‘Grand Pack Up’… we are always one of the last ones to leave the market… packing up takes a while….

Then it was home to sit by the fire and make a simple dinner, we were a bit exhausted.

Come Sunday I spent the day working on a shoot I have coming up with Toby Scott this week. Making panels of faux wall with subway tiles.

And that is it. All over Red Rover til next weekend!

K xx


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19 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Far from bored Kara! Love reading your posts and checking out your wares. I love my platter and it was great to meet you..finally! Your stall is fantastic! x

  2. I love “Weekend in pictures” too! It’s a nice catch up on a Monday morning. Are you loving your new woodfire oven? Looks like a gorgeous way to cook! Hope market went well.
    Inside Frankie is a map of Australia….did it sell? I love it and

    • Great to hear you are enjoying Weekend in Pictures Nikole… I get a little worried I’m boring pwople and they are too kind to tell me….. We are loving our woodfire oven…. especially Timothy O, doing ‘man’ stuff, chopping wood, lighting fires, cooking meat… haha. The little map is just a sheet out of a book…. you can have it if you want it! I’ll post it to you. x

  3. Don’t stop weekend in pictures. LOVE IT.
    I’m booking in a weekend with you guys soon, so i can live the weekend in Pics.

  4. Kara, I really enjoy your “weekend in pictures”, please don’t stop it! I also have woodfire oven envy … it looks incredible. What did you make in it this weekend? Lovely to see you at the markets on Saturday.

    • Hi Sarah, we bough a lovely piece of Charolais from the market. Charolais is a French breed of beef. It was delicious! It’s from Bonnie Beef, if you like that sort of thing I can point them out to you next time I see you! So pleased you are enjoying the Weekend in Pictures; makes it all worthwhile when I hear people are enjoying it. xxxx

  5. i loooove weekend in pictures, it is lovely to hear what you have been up to, does make my weekend feel a little dull sometimes though in comparison – ha!

    i have always wondered what you and Timothy O do when it rains at the markets, all your lovely wears out on display, do you cover up the tables like they do at the cricket?


    • Hi Sarah! We actually pack our market pagola thing (the ones which all the other market stalls have) when we think it is going to seriously rain… some times I ‘wing’ it and just ‘hope’ it doesn’t rain, however it looked fairly certain on Saturday so we packed the pop up pagola thing. I’m so glad you too are enjoying the Weekend in Pictures! K xxxxx

  6. You most certainly cannot stop now Miss K…..! Oh my..
    And I’m with Sally, that image of you in front of frankie is beautiful, how do you do it when you’ve been up at 3am????

    • Oh, Anne… stop it… I look very average…very average… if anything I’m on a little ‘high’ as I’m wearing my new favourite top! haha! You are too sweet! xxx

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