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How to build a Champagne Tower

©Kara Rosenlund

I know, a bit random no? As you all know I am shooting the online shop and props hire this week; I asked my girlfriend Sally O (yes, if you want to hang with me your last name has to be O) to pop by and give me a hand building the champagne tower of coupes for the shoot. Sally O took this very seriously, I knew she would, she is good like that.

Here are some hot tips to build a Champagne Tower.

  • 1. Ensure all your coupes are identical; always use coupes, never flutes, ohmygosh, that could be a disaster right there.
  • 2. Start with a solid and firm base for your tower. Depending on the size required you could start off with 10 x 10 glasses or smaller like 6 x 6.
  • 3. As you build up to the next levels ensure each glass touches the surrounding glasses. When done right, you’ll see a diamond-shaped gap between each glass.
  • 4. When building the next layer, centre the stem of the glass over the diamond openings that were created by the layer below.
  • 5. Repeat this assembly process until there is a single coupe glass on top.
  • 6. Once assembled, begin to slowly and gingerly pour in the Champagne from the top glass and it will trickle down (we used three champagne bottles for our tower)
  • 7. If you are using the Champagne Tower for decorative purposes only, you could always fill as you assemble.

Ya Dah… Old Fashion Magic!

K x


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4 Comments to “How to build a Champagne Tower”

  1. Oh my, you sneaky thing!!! Look at my face and all that concentration. I should also say that it would have been easier if all the glasses were identical! And it was very, very dangerous – for a variety of reasons! xx

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