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Travelling Wares

Standard Issue

©Kara Rosenlund
I was out and about sourcing yesterday for a shoot when to my pure joy I came across these…
Original 1968 Swags from the Vietnam War – never used!
I was squealing about all over the place when I saw them; I bought a few as I think they have many different uses. The fabric is a beautiful heavy cotton and there is foam in the middle for support, plus the slip is removable for washing and ironing – could this get any better!
I have mine on the front daybed at the moment, though I think they would work if you wanted to take them to the park too, or of course ‘glamping’ (thats glamorous camping Mum, I didn’t spell it wrong) and I think it would work as a chic baby play mat. What do you think?
They will be available at the next Travelling Wares market, though if you are anything like me and can’t wait til then you can always email me!
K xx
P.S The last image is of our hyacinths out the front, see, I told you they would be appearing soon… ( Between you and me I was actually a bit worried that they would not appear at all). Here is when I planted them.


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4 Comments to “Standard Issue”

  1. I love them – but I LOVE your daybed more – where did you get it? I have been looking for one with a nice patina for ages! You always get the good stuff. xx

  2. I have tea towels made of that exact pattern, they make the kitchen look so stylish. As for babies – black and white things are perfect as they can see it very well.

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