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Juice Me

©Kara Rosenlund
Citrus Juicer… do you have one… do you want one… I think everyone should have one… in particular a proper heavy moulded glass one!
Don’t get me wrong, I have tried others, I take my citrus very seriously you know. I have a Philippe Starck ‘Juicy Salif’ stashed in the cupboard (looonng way back in the cupboard though, you know that spot, once it goes there is never comes back.. one of those spots), I also have tried an Italian manual citrus press too (the clamp broke) and I have also been known to use my good ol’ bare hands. But nothing beats my moulded glass juicer.
Whenever we sell one of our glass citrus juicers at Travelling Wares I literally have a grin from ear to ear, its as though silently you and I have a secret that we both are in on – and that is that they may try but nothing can beat a well made classic!
K xx


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4 Comments to “Juice Me”

  1. Here here Kara! I was the lucky buyer of one of your glass citrus juicers last week at the markets and I'm in love! I christened my lovely new juicer by making a lemon tart topped with Italian Meringue…. The juicer performed beautifully and was such a delight to use. What's more it looks so lovely sitting on one of my kicthen shelves. Kendall x

  2. Kendall! – Hello! I remembered that you bought one! Aren't they wonderful! So underrated! I am so pleased you are happy with it. Yum – Lemon Tart with Italian Meringue! Gosh, the juicer must be in complete gourmet heaven over at your place! xx

  3. This is also on my car booty list, ha! And as you my Salif is stashed away, pretty useless, it slips all over kitchen counter!

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