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Kara Rosenlund Stylist

Hello Aunty!

©Kara Rosenlund
That’s right, I am now a proud Aunty…… Aunty Kara, hehehe, I like it. I have never been an Aunt before, being an only child I wasn’t too sure if becoming an Aunt was on the cards for me, however Timothy O’s clever brother and sister-in-law welcomed a gorgeous little boy into the world this week!
So, in pure decadent Aunty style, I decided to make an outrageously high cake to celebrate and eat a slice for breakfast….. bring on the sleep overs I say!!!
K xx
P.S I’m so in love with this little glass cake stand that arrived this week… not sure if it will make it on to the trestles at the market…


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6 Comments to “Hello Aunty!”

  1. Sally O – if you keep this up your gorgeous house will turn into one of those tragic hoarders households on TV – where they have a breakdown at the thought of throwing away a magazine article from 1984!

    ….you know I'm kidding. xx

  2. Hahaha!… aren't they lovely. I have actually found a couple more, so I will keep that little one. I can always send you one in the post Aga if you really can't find one. xx

  3. That's very sweet Kara, thank you! but I kind of like this hunt for the perfect cake stand, keeps me going back to charity shops and car boot sales ;)

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