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Kara Rosenlund Stylist


I may be telling you something you already know… Glassybaby…. Have you heard of them? I hadn’t until recently and have been blown away by the power and positive message of these little glass vessels known as Glassybabies!
These lovely little glass blown cups have been designed to illuminate candle light through a multitude of different unique colours. They were first created by Lee Rhodes, a three time cancer survivor who began selling them out of her Seattle garage in 1998.
It is huge business today making almost US$2.5 million in profit with 10% of all proceeds going to cancer charities. View this great video to understand the full story.
In the words of Glassybaby
“Glassybaby are useful in many ways, however their real use is to lift bad moods and loneliness. Their warm and coloured light flickers like we do everyday. Glassybaby serves as a metaphor to symbolise hope, they are humble in spirit but not in beauty. What ever your mood, a Glassybaby can keep your home inviting and full of spirit.”
They give warmth to a cold day, a calm token of peace in the busy world.
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