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Tag: styling

Ring a Ding Ding – Wedding Inspiration

Thought I would share a few wedding images with you that have been making their way onto my mood board for our wedding in May. There are little elements I like about each shot – the colours, the textures…. how many weddings am I allowed to have? I love the relaxed mantilla (veil). Am I a mantilla kinda girl? Time will tell!

K x

(Images have been gathered from all over, sorry, no photo credits, I know, I’m naughty! Though if you visit here and here I’m sure this is where I gathered them from originally!)

Book Launch ‘A little bit of this, a little bit of that’

Happy Friday! Im excited about tomorrow’s cook book launch of ‘Little bit of this, little bit of that’ by Isabella the Junior Masterchef winner and her family, that I recently styled!
Come along to the Mary Ryan’s bookstore from 1pm tomorrow to meet the girls and to get your book signed! Merthyr Village, New Farm, Brisbane!
Buon Appetito!

Stamp Collections

Growing up I loved my stamp collection. Hours on end archiving these little pieces of art from all over the world, stamped with inky text bound for its destination.
I think I got my love of stamp collecting from my father; he had a large file drawer in his desk dedicated to stamps, nothing fancy or ordered, just a drawer full of tiny pieces of colourful paper. I would often open the drawer and run my fingers through the mass of torn edges… digging down deep to retrieve a special one… just like a luck dip!
I still use my stamp collection when I need reference and inspiration for fonts and layouts, they really are quite exceptional once you take the time to appreciate them.
K xx
Im off to Bikram Yoga today…

Cover Me

Being s visual person I am highly prone to being a touch impractical; I choose a book by its cover, I choose wine by the label, I choose spices by the packaging (we have way to0 many tins of smoked paprika in the pantry)….. I find details to be extremely important.
One thing I love to do is to decorate and rearrange spaces using the covers of books. Even though I appreciate the graphic fonts and repetition of the spines of books in shelves, I love book covers…. especially old ones. A bundle of inexpensive books on an armchair or a randomly placed book on a side table gives a space a hint of activity and purpose.
Gotta dash!
Talk to you tomorrow!
K xx