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Tag: Storage

Happy Monday

©Kara Rosenlund
Where did the weekend go? I don’t know about you, however I feel as though this was the fastest weekend that ever was! Lightning Speed! Bamm… Gone!
Lets hope that the week ahead doesn’t follow suit! I am bound for seaside Victoria from Thursday, styling a secret project with Nikole Furnari. More of that to come later!
Above are a couple of shots of what I was staring at early this morning while in bed, you know when you are laying there trying to figure out whether you want to hop up just yet, pondering maybe you can lay in for just a couple more minutes ….anyway, I thought the cupboard and bits looked rather nice in the light, so I thought I would share it with you. Do you like my new lamp shade?
Better Dash!
K xx

New Stock

©Kara Rosenlund
Here is another sneak peek of the gorgeous bits that have arrived for this weeks market!
Just arrived, a large French ‘eau de vie’ bottle. I have a couple of these around the house. They are hard to come buy and are very heavy. I love thick old glass that catches sunlight, very impressive!
A stunning old still life of a box of cherries and fruit. I think including art in the kitchen adds a dash of flamboyance…. who wants to be plain and safe anyway.
Old engraved silver fish knives in lab beakers, metal cloches, Scottish pottery from the Highlands and a set of Wedgwood plates! What more could you ask for.
A very unusual and sturdy French workshop stool on three legs in dove grey.
A collection of old thick glass Apothecary jars, available individually. I love these, I keep all sorts in my apothecary jars; spices and dried herbs in the kitchen and bits of my ribbon and feather collection that I want to see at a glance. (p.s I think everyone should have a feather collection! Such natural beauty!)
If you have seen something that you are interested in and can’t wait til Saturday (like me!) feel free to email at
K xx

The Kitchen Reveal!

©All Images Kara Rosenlund
Here you have it… finally the kitchen is finished…. a few of you have asked me while doing Travelling Wares at the market whether I use and decorate with similar objects to what I sell.
As you can see the answer is a firm yes! I love combining the old with the new. I definitely like to keep cooking tools at arms reach, so if they are going to be out they need to look beautiful too!
So, we are two rooms down so far, if you missed the bathroom here it is.
Watch out floor boards, we are coming with a sander and gusto!
P.S Below are a couple of before shots.