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Tag: Pekin Bantams

Weekend in Pictures

©Kara Rosenlund It was so lovely to be back at home after a few weeks away…. I spent most of Saturday unpacking ute loads full of bits… including this ‘new/old’ mirror’…. … plus this beautiful old oil painting which I found at Hen’s Teeth Trading in Tocumwal…. a great shop I can’t wait to return to again….. just realised the mannequin with my hats on it looks a bit like that scene from E.T… ha Lots of beautiful old glazed stoneware bottles which made their way here to Australia on clipper ships in the 1800’s….. It was actually a cold and drizzly day and when you live in humid hot Queensland you don’t want to miss any opportunity to light the fire and put a cardigan on…. so we did just that…. A very good friend of mine surprised me with a very generous gift of Koto Bolofo’s ‘La Maison'; a volume of 11 beautiful books. Koto Bolofo is the first and only photographer to have been granted unlimited access to the secret workshops of the luxury goods house Hermes. Hours were poured reading these detailed books…. Our floral forager friend Phil dropped in and hung out with us at home… I made a lunchtime feast of trout and vegetables… while Timothy O and Phil dug holes in the backyard for a garden project…. thanks Phil. I got out of that muddy job ….then the afternoon turned into the evening…. … then Sunday arrived and of course it was Mother’s Day… so much love for our girls…. I received this amazing set of crocheted egg cosies from Timothy O the girls…. specially made by Vanessa Ion…. I came across her just recently while in Sydney…. my friend MM took Timothy O and I to another friend Nadine’s amazing bakery / cafe Flour and Stone and insisted we have the ‘Boiled Eggs and Soldiers’…. which came out with little crochet egg cosies… Terence the Fox was keeping my eggs warm…. I lost the plot with pure excitement! Thank you Trixie, Gigi, Bettina, Coco and Nigella….. how thoughtful of you. Bettina looking at her crocheted self….. …think she was a bit disappointed to find an egg under there….. ha…. … Mum and Dad came over to celebrate Mother’s Day and we made a casual long lunch together…. I then made a Pecan, Chocolate and Bourbon tart….. the perfect dessert for a drizzly, chilly weekend. Recipe tomorrow. It is so easy. K xx


Names for the New Chickens….

Here we have it…. one week on and we finally have names for the new girls. Timothy O and I went backwards and forwards with names… not able to decide…. until just recently… The one on the left is called Cecelia; as in the Simon and Garfunkel song. The one on the right is called Trixie; I can tell she will be trouble… she has a very determined personality and is very curious and outgoing….she definitely is a Trixie… Thank you so much for all your beautiful names! Market this Saturday! K xx



Kara Rosenlund is an Australian photographer, stylist, storyteller, adventurer and author.

Her love for authenticity and adventure is celebrated through her photography. She is passionate about Australia and how we all live within its vast landscape. Kara photographs and shares her visual stories from her adventures, inspired by the everyday people and landscapes she encounters.

Her first hardcover interiors book, Shelter - How Australians Live, will be published in October, 2015.

Above all else Kara is a lover of all things real. She shares her humble life through her Blog, Facebook and Instagram.

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