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Weekend In Pictures


© Kara Rosenlund

Happy Monday! Here we go… Weekend in Pictures…. let’s just say this weekend flew past.. I didn’t get up to my usual cooking or recipe experimenting, or even hanging with the girls bad chicken muma... It was just a ‘Wham Bamm, Thank You Mamm’ kinda of weekend….with lots of loads of clothes washing from our last road trip…. On Saturday I attending my friend Lulu Lucky’s debut calligraphy class at the upstairs studio of Anna Spiro’s shop ‘Black and Spiro’… it was divine…. there was one moment where I swear I felt like I was up in a roof top studio above Paris, in the 5th arrondissement, circa 1940 and all the ear could hear was metal inky calligraphy nibs scratching on heavy weight paper….practising and writing letters to loved ones… while perfecting our kerning along to the musical talent of Edith Piaf ….. what a joy Saturday was….. I came home with my calligraphy tester sheet and shot this image….. let’s just say I’m much better at photography than I am at calligraphy….



Come Sunday morning Timothy O and I had a pot of tea in bed… we never do this….. and how much of a luxury it felt…….


… we discussed my driving route for Monday morning’s today’s road trip down to Melbourne to host my ‘Vignette Class’ with The School….. If you are in Melbourne you should totally come along!


My new friend from Sydney James Gordon and his dog Bob made this amazing paper rose for us while we were there last week…. I am absolutely in love with it…. I found the perfect place to hang it….. he is a paper genius….


I walked into my local secondhand book shop while waiting for my coffee Sunday afternoon and I found this book…. I only just recently discovered this book after staying with a good friends’ mother in Tamworth, enroute to Brisbane last week….. (more to come of this story soon)…. am in love with this book G.E. xx

rosenlund_007 rosenlund_008

Late Sunday afternoon I built up this pretty vignette…… I drew upon my pressing road trip for inspiration…. I can’t tell you how exited I am to get back out onto the open road and witness all the beautiful colours and landscape once again! Melbourne I am so exited to meet you all this Thursday and Friday in St Kilda! If you too would like to come along to one of my Vignette workshops you can book here.…. tickets are $120 and I promise you it will be a night filled with inspiration, laughter and joy! The best kind of cocktail.

Kara xxx

Frankie Does Sydney

Rosenlund_001 Rosenlund_004 Rosenlund_003


©Kara Rosenlund

I can not wait! Timothy O and I are just about to leave for the road trip from Brisbane to Sydney with Frankie the Caravan….. I feel so exited and a little nervous … everything has been packed and wrapped for this weekend’s market pop up at The School….. I have had some amazing help this week to put the finishing touches on the trip…. my wonderful mother has been my assistant this week – thank you Mum, I couldn’t have got it all finished without you… The sewing guru Sally O from Studio Sixty lent a had to sew me up a storm and I also had the craft queen Lulu Lucky stop by and craft up some last minute crafty bits for the trip.

I’ll be updating the blog with ‘Postcards from the Road’… you can also see the trip unfold over on instagram and our Facebook page.

And here is a little sample of some of the music on our ‘Road Trip’ playlist. You can listen and download if you click here.

See you soon Sydney!

K x

Weekend in Pictures

This is what we got up to over the weekend…. We had a market at the Powerhouse…. in the sweltering heat…. ohmygosh was it hot

Lots of new bits, large and small…

Love this glass dome…

The sweet fragrance of fruit wafted through the hot air…

Our friend Kat from Belle and Boheme came to visit and had a very kind gift for Frankie… so thoughtful…

And then Lulu Lucky came by the market with homemade icy iced tea… We were all having a mini party at the market!

Came home to this causality …. hydrangea didn’t make it… too hot this is actually how i felt after the market myself… too hot

Stayed close to this…

Sunday morning clocked around and Timothy O and I hit the road to look at some exciting new stock…

Then came back home and hung out with the girls and did some gardening.

That was it…. how was your weekend?

K x