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Organisation.. it’s cool you know…

©Kara Rosenlund I think being January organisation is on the top of a few people’s lists to help them simplify their year ahead. I know it is for me. I am currently in the midst of doing some tax related organisation for Travelling Wares; which I must admit I have been easily distracted from….. I seem to have organised and cleaned out every single cupboard and drawer in the house…. strangely enough my collection of beautiful (purpose bought for tax reasons) Kikki K folders have not done my tax for me! Here is one to keep the organisation alive….I just saw over on Father Rabbit’s facebook page that they are offering 20% off today when you send through an image of ‘things organised neatly’ from your home. How neat is that! K x


Blue Sneak Peek

©Kara Rosenlund Well here you have it, the gorgeous Blue and White sneak peek. We have pieces from all over the globe including Denmark, Italy and England. Vibrant and fresh, blue and white is so completely timeless. **Note Timothy O’s heirloom tomatoes in the second shot, we are having our own little tomato feast at the moment; I love this time of year! More to come soon! K x


The Kitchen Reveal!

©All Images Kara Rosenlund Here you have it… finally the kitchen is finished…. a few of you have asked me while doing Travelling Wares at the market whether I use and decorate with similar objects to what I sell. As you can see the answer is a firm yes! I love combining the old with the new. I definitely like to keep cooking tools at arms reach, so if they are going to be out they need to look beautiful too! So, we are two rooms down so far, if you missed the bathroom here it is. Watch out floor boards, we are coming with a sander and gusto! P.S Below are a couple of before shots.


Wholesome Sunday

©Kara Rosenlund A big THANK YOU to all of our lovely customers who came to the Powerhouse Famers Market on Saturday, it was great to see you all! What a cracker of a gorgeous day! I hope you have had a chance to use your new found treasures over the weekend – baking tins, silver cutlery, milk jugs, plates and more! I whipped up a quick roast chicken lunch yesterday in between tree lopping with Timothy O and a couple of furniture deliveries. I love a good ol’ classic Sunday lunch, so wholesome. K xx


White Sneak Peek

This one is for all you white lovers out there (myself included!). Here is a sneak peek at what will be available this Saturday at the Powerhouse Farmers Market. A beautiful array of white ware and pale wood for the kitchen. I personally think produce should only be served on white plates, just like an art gallery with white walls, there are just some things you shouldn’t mess with! K xx ©Kara Rosenlund


Ode to Enamel

I love old original enamelware! I love how practical and utilitarian the approach is with enamel – no nonsense. Plus I think it looks pretty attractive too, especially the white palette! It looks as though I will have quite the collection come Saturday on offer at Travelling Wares, we have colanders, ladles, skimmers, pitchers, and some stunning old sets of white storage canisters. All kitchens needs a dash of enamel! K xx © Kara Rosenlund


Cutlery Calmness

Over the weekend a girlfriend of mine asked how wide our new oversized kitchen drawers were, as she is redoing her own kitchen. It got me thinking about how the small details and choices we make for such hard working areas really matter. Above are two shots of our drawers, the top one is what I call the ‘daily’ drawer for obvious reasons and the second drawer down is what I call the ‘chefs’ drawer (not that there are any chefs in our house, its just a bit more hard core.) Everything is in there that we need, grouped together either by job or by handle finish (wood/plastic) and easy to see. Time to be honest. Our drawers never used to look like this – they were an overflowing utensil disaster, so much so that I was embarrassed to get cutlery out when people dropped by. However, the key is a good quality cutlery organiser. I swear by these ones. I love them! They are available through Howards Storage World and are extendable to fit almost any width. Go, treat yourself, it will make you smile next time you open your drawers! xx Incase you were wondering, yes, I am a virgo.



Our Travelling Wares was a success on Saturday!!! We sold our beautiful stock to many happy customers who loved their new finds and also loved Frankie! We even had Rick from Frank Creates sign writing on Frankie at the market, which was an added element of interest too. We had so much support from our wonderful friends and family and also our new friends that we met on Saturday. Thank you all so so much. Seeing all your familiar faces bright and early Saturday morning just melted my heart. For all of our new friends you can also find us on Facebook. Thank you and hope to see you at the next market! K xxxx


EXCITING NEWS Travelling Wares Launch

Finally I can share with you my EXCITING NEWS! I recently bought a gorgeous vintage 1956 Franklin Caravan (affectionally known as Frankie) and have turned her into my ‘Travelling Wares’ pop up Caravan Shop! Yup, thats right, I have a caravan now, which is also a shop! A love of early morning hunting and scouring at the trestle tables in Europe has inspired me to get amongst it myself and share my objets d’art and found delights with you from far and wide. Come along this Saturday to the Jan Power’s Powerhouse Markets at New Farm and say hi! On offer will be European porcelain, Polish enamel ware, silver cutlery, small furniture pieces and goodness knows what else!


The Smell of Progress

Mmmm, the smell of glue is the smell of progress. The kitchen is almost done, just a few more tweaks and she will be finished. The custom built counter I designed has come up a treat! More to come soon! x


Take me to Calacatta

A couple of people have emailed asking what the surface is I shoot on. It is actually our brand new slab of Calacatta Oro Marble on our kitchen island. A traditional and also an exquisite work surface, this beautiful stone is only available from one quarry in the world, in the town of Carrara, Italy. To care for marble keep harsh chemicals and cleaning agents away, use warm water and a micro fibre cloth. It will reward you for many years. Also watch out for that tipsy friend pouring red wine near by, red wine and marble are not a good match. ‘Before and After’ kitchen shots to come soon! xx


Cake Tricks

© Kara Rosenlund On a recent shoot I had the opportunity to work with some pretty serious foodies who opened my eyes to baking and how simple it can be. All you need are the right tools and a few tips and tricks. One thing I didn’t know about baking cakes was that those pretty shaped cake tins actually serve a purpose; I always thought those different shaped cake tins were just to keep home cooks entertained in the kitchen, “Should I bake a round one today… or a square one”…. apparently not. A Springform tin is best for fragile cakes, such as a mousse cake. Bundt tins are used for dense rich cakes; the hole in the centre allows the heat to penetrate from all sides, cooking the cake faster. Fancy That!



Kara Rosenlund is an Australian photographer, stylist, storyteller, adventurer and author.

Her love for authenticity and adventure is celebrated through her photography. She is passionate about Australia and how we all live within its vast landscape. Kara photographs and shares her visual stories from her adventures, inspired by the everyday people and landscapes she encounters.

Her first hardcover interiors book, Shelter - How Australians Live, will be published in October, 2015.

Above all else Kara is a lover of all things real. She shares her humble life through her Blog, Facebook and Instagram.

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