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©Kara Rosenlund

I’m currently banging this post out in my hotel room in Hobart… I quickly dashed back from Tasmania to the Sunshine Coast last week to style a beautiful clients wedding. I couldn’t wait to share these quick shots with you from the weekend at Yandina Station on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Because I love circles so much I came up with this idea to have an oversized wreath behind the bride and groom…. both as a symbol of love and also as a floral eye catcher….



… … I asked Twig and Grace to create this incredible feast for the eyes…. roses, hydrangeas, magnolia leaf, pepper berry …. the list goes on…. so many beautiful floral fragrant notes in one room… very heady indeed….





… lots of personal touches were added everywhere throughout the ceremony and reception, like these name banners by Lulu Lucky to make every guest, both family and friend, feel very special and loved….

Ah, weddings, you sure do make me gush!

K x


2014 Workshop Announcement


©Kara Rosenlund

New 2014 ‘Vignette’ workshop dates to announce. For those who would like to know how I build my vignettes; for home, play or work… come along… I share all my tips and tricks … I have even concentrated down my approach to 5 secret steps to help you build beautiful vignettes. To book visit Megan Morton’s The School.

Tasmania; you are the first cab off the rank… can’t wait!

Spaces are limited, I would run, not walk $120 per person.

K x

:: Tasmania – 26th February 2014 6.30pm til 9pm at The Drill Hall Emporium

:: Brisbane – 21st May 2014 10.00am til 12.30pm at Toby Scott’s Studio

:: Brisbane – 21st May 2014 6.30pm til 9pm at Toby Scott’s Studio

:: Adelaide – 8th June 2014 6.30pm til 9pm Location TBC

Finders Keeper THIS Weekend

FK 0001 Brisbane Postcard 3mm bleed.indd rosenlund2

©Kara Rosenlund

Big things planned for this weekend…. the two day Finders Keepers market will be unfolding… Frankie the caravan is getting packed as we speak…. very much looking forward to getting amongst it over the weekend…. Lots of new found pieces will be on the trestle tables too…. come along if you are in Brisbane. Saturday and Sunday at the Old Museum; corner of Bowen Bridge Road and Gregory Terrace at Herston from 10am til 4pm both days!

K x

Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

Weekend… where did you go?… gone so fast…come back…. this weekend was very laid-back and chilled… Timothy O and I decided to head to Byron for half of the weekend to have a swim and take in the good weather….



… I don’t think there is a happier place for me than by the sea…. even when the hot sand burns your feet, I love it…. I especially enjoy Tallow Beach… always long for a dip here….


… Back at home, Sunday morning started off slow, just playing some vinyl… this is one of my all time favourite albums – St Germain, Tourist….. I remember seeing this Parisian man and his band play about ten years ago… he didn’t speak a word of English to the crowd for the whole set- only French…. amazing… one of the best gigs I have ever been to….


… I had a bunch of lemon myrtle left over from a recent shoot, so I decided to dry it out to make tea… I’ll let you know how I go with the tea…. interesting times in the kitchen…

Rosenlund_0006 Rosenlund_0007

… It was lunch time before I knew and it had become so hot with a thunderstorm about to roll in… so we had a lazy lunch of fresh prawns on the back deck as the rain pelted down on our old tin roof…. sounded spectacular and such a welcomed sound after so long without rain…


… decided to get an early start on dinner clearly I was very hungry on Sunday, I have just noticed everything is about food ….


… I had made a pine nut encrusted lamb dish, however something happened, or maybe it rather didn’t happen and I somehow ruined the lamb, eeeek…. so we had to have dessert for dinner…. I most certainly lost some wife points Sunday evening… ohwell…. it happens

Hope you had a great weekend!

K x

Westfield Florals


©Kara Rosenlund

The past few days have been an absolute floral frenzy around here (ha)… there has been bright colours pops and petals ahoy everywhere I look…. I have been working with Westfield and Urban Art Projects on this enormous floral mobile to celebrate spring… ring a ding ding…. Bring on the flower season…


… the mobile is made up with over 500 flowers, both faux flowers and fresh flowers and light reflecting metal branches and disks… suspended from the huge ceiling….


… it’s like a floral chandelier when the natural light pours in, it is just magic… it even gently rotates in a circular motion…. if you are in and around Carindale Westfield you should pop in and see it. Hello Spring!



… the real stuff…some behind the scenes shots of the mobile being hoisted and installed….  the things that go on in shopping centres in the wee hours of the morning…..