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Tag: Kara Rosenlund. Jan Power’s Farmers Market

Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

What a weekend it was…. we were at the farmers market here in Brisbane and as I was setting up the stall at 4.30pm in the dark all I could see was the sky lighting up… not from the sun rising, rather strikes of lightenng and rumbles of thunder….shit not ideal conditions for an outdoor market….. eeeekkkk…. Oh, well… what can you do…..


…. I decided to have a kip in Frankie the caravan until the rain passed……


… our beautiful wares on the slightly damp trestles tables… German oyster plates and English cake forks…..


… after the market finished we packed up and came back home and I got stuck into this wonderful cookery collection from Penguin….


… poked my head into the hen house to see what the girls had been up to ….. they had been busy too….. paying their rent… ha


… Timothy O’s elderflower is bloomin’ blooming…. we are planing to make syrup for spring time cordial ….. we then started to watch Seven Years in Tibet in the early evening one of my absolute favourite films, though we both fell asleep….. ha, market days are looong


… I was up at the crack of dawn on Sunday with a plan ……Spring, bring it on…. to hit the local market and get lots and lots of seedlings and flowers for our new veggie patch…… the veggie patch was so new it wasn’t even finished when I bought these on Sunday morning…. I am a chicken before the egg kinda girl….  My family came over and we finished off the veggie patch and shovelled a few loads of dirt off the trailer to fill up the new patch….


…. I bought two bunches of these beautiful homegrown snapdragons one bunch for me and one for my mother from an older woman at the Sunday market… she grows them alongside her strawberries which she farms to encourage the bees…… Nothing beats the generous size of a homegrown bunch of flowers…. I really really really want to have a garden bed just for cut flowers…. maybe one day soon….put it on the list… The strawberry farmer lady really inspired me….


… so so pretty….. I could stare at them all day….


… I just can’t get enough of the flowers……


…. petite spinach seedlings going into the garden…..


… I picked up some Cosmos for the garden too…. I just love this time of year…..


…. hardy little plants for the rooftop garden on top of the hen house…..


…. even more Cosmos…. um, yup, I really did go a bit overboard….


…. the Gardenias are out and are transforming the air with their heady fragrance wafting throughout the house….


…. I found this old Chinese birdcage at the market and our little possum friend is still living in the basket on the left…. under a paper bag naturally…. we have named her Priscilla. She scoots out at about 6pm each evening, up out of the basket and runs along the old tin roof line… each morning I feel the basket to make sure she is back inside it and that she has made it home safe….

That was it, that was our weekend… lots of dirt under the nails and lots of digging and sowing…and maybe a few aches come today hopefully soon there will be more to share from the veggie patch…

K x

Market THIS Saturday BRISBANE

rosenlund4©Kara Rosenlund

 I’m loving all this spring sunshine right now and I absolutely can’t wait for this weekends market. I always plan out a few special recipes for the weekend when the market is on, so I can zip around the market with my big market bag accidentally knocking people out of the way and pick up some of my favourite produce from the stall holders…. Hope to see you on Saturday!

K x

Market Tomorrow – Last one for the year

 I know this weekend will be a busy one with Christmas shopping, though what I have been telling my friends and family is to come by the Powerhouse market early; that way it is cooler and you will get a park…. do a special food shop there – so fresh and it feels good to support a farmer… pick up some fancy posh treats too ….and then come and see us!

Here is a little ‘advent calander’ countdown I’m doing around the house on instagram…. Four days to go….

K xx