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Christmas Day in Pictures

Ah Christmas Day… you always go so fast… here is what we got up to… Timothy O and I opened presents in the morning while listening to vinyls… We made crowns for ourselves and family for the Christmas table from leather hides… I threw a few more decorations about the house… Timothy O and I made a rosemary chandelier for above the Christmas table… I love a fragrant table… **note new clean overalls! Made sure there were hundreds of cloves scattered all throughout the table… I love the heady fragrance of cloves and rosemary…. This cheeky chicken Gigi decided to come upstairs to see what was happening…. And then Coco did too… (she doesn’t like to miss out…) Our table on the deck with Timothy O working hard in the background preparing the ham… he loves doing the ham Olive branches, walnuts, webbing, linen and feathers…. The wood fire oven roaring awaiting Timothy O’s ham… Ta dah….Timothy O’s burnt honey, orange and clove glazed ham resting… Proud as Punch…. Roast chicken and puy lentils… (we make this dish often and is a firm household favourite…) We had all free range meats for Christmas and they all came from farmers at the Jan Powers Farmer Market (our market) ….. this free range chicken was from Lynsay at Viande at .. we buy it every market… … And the ham was from Tillari Trotters … again certified free range. Christmas lunch on the deck… Then the sun slowly went down and we listened to golden classics from the 60’s and 70’s… while making eggnog and eating pavlova… Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. K x


Weekend in Pictures – Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas … actually it’s barely Christmas at all…. 5.45am….last minute wrapping to do …  thought I would quickly share a few images of what has been happening around here… I shot a little ‘countdown’ on instagram around the house leading up to Christmas… Christmas Eve was spent eating and cooking in the kitchen… … Timothy O picked up a couple of new vinyls including this one… what’s Christmas without Serge…. …While out shopping for vinyls and secret Christmas gifts I assume Timothy O picked up some beautiful flowers for Christmas Day from our lovely florist Hacienda…. …. We then started celebrating a little too early… … Picked out the prettiest plates for the table… … Then decorated the table…. … More to come later. Hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with love and happiness. K x


Market Tomorrow – Last one for the year

 I know this weekend will be a busy one with Christmas shopping, though what I have been telling my friends and family is to come by the Powerhouse market early; that way it is cooler and you will get a park…. do a special food shop there – so fresh and it feels good to support a farmer… pick up some fancy posh treats too ….and then come and see us! Here is a little ‘advent calander’ countdown I’m doing around the house on instagram…. Four days to go…. K xx


Christmas Vibe

©Kara Rosenlund Are you feeling the Christmas vibe? I can’t believe Christmas is so close… This week it feels particularly close as we are having an early Christmas with Timothy O’s family over the weekend. I’m getting into the Christmas vibe… random Christmas bits scattered about… sort of… I even made gingerbread this year… they may not look that pretty though they taste rather good…. I’m no ‘Pipe Piper’ when it comes to royal icing… I had a special delivery arrive yesterday… two new ornaments from Anthropolgie… I allow myself the tradition of a couple of new ornaments each year, do you? I am such a sucker for animals ornaments…. I am truly in love with the glass Baleen… he even has a glitter blow hole… … and how sweet is the Odette Swan… Gosh, I love the name Odette. Talk soon. K x P.S Chicken Update…. we almost have names for the new little girls, however the introduction has not gone well… no, no, no…(channel Amy Winehouse’s song Rehab for the no, no, no’s…) The older girls are not at all impressed or happy about the new girls (especially Gigi, she is the Queen Bee and is the one in charge; she totally lost her cool last night and I thought she was going to die (seriously), that is how worked up she got) …. no, no, no…it’s not going well. x Click here to listen to Amy Winehouse


Weekend in Pictures – Early Christmas Gift

Our weekend was a bit boring… really, there was nothing to photograph… we had the market on Saturday and then I worked in front of the computer all weekend and yesterday….. so  today I decided to give myself a day off kinda… I secretly went out to the country and found Timothy O’s Christmas Gift ….. I went far and wide with plans to find one little young Pekin Bantam for our flock…. … and instead I came home with two… eeekkkk. Everything is better in pairs… right? They are still a little shy….  I hope they will fit in with the other girls… This is Bettina, our ‘ragamuffin girl’… she loves her food (she is on a diet at the moment) and loves to dust bath in flower pots …. she has the largest and loudest set of chicken lungs I have ever heard…. especially at sunrise. This is Gigi, Bettina’s sister, they look similar, though they are very different… it is all in their little faces…I surprised Timothy O with these two girls for Easter a few years ago (is there a pattern occuring here?) … Gigi is an emotional chicken… all she wants to do is to be a chicken mum… always clucky…. I had to pull her off her nest for this shot… hence the slightly confused and ruffled look. This is Nigella who you are probably familiar with… Nigella is… well… a bit special… she is my Elizabeth Taylor as you know… part drama queen, part dreamer. part beauty… she also has nine lives… This is Coco…. Gigi is Coco’s mother… Coco is French and gorgeous… and she knows it… her little comb sits like a French beret, slightly tilted on her head.  Coco has always been particular about things ‘strong willed’ and is the only chicken we have who sneaks upstairs to sit high on furniture. I think she doesn’t realise she is indeed a chicken. … and here we have two little girls (three if you include me) sitting in their basket under the Christmas tree listening to Christmas carols waiting for Timothy O to come home soon to say hello….. What do you think we should name them? K x P.S… if you too want Pekin Bantams I know a top man… just email me.


Christmas for Fete Press

©Kara Rosenlund Fete Press is one of my favourite online magazines. Recently I was asked to be involved in their Christmas issue. I was asked to shoot and style my Christmas tabletop and share my personal style for Christmas; giving a little bit of insight into how we will be enjoying the festive day this year. It’s a great issue with lots of festive gift and decorating ideas and it is free to view… pop some Christmas carols on and go on over and check out the new issue … click here. So here it is… my Christmas……. K x



Kara Rosenlund is an Australian photographer, stylist, storyteller, adventurer and author.

Her love for authenticity and adventure is celebrated through her photography. She is passionate about Australia and how we all live within its vast landscape. Kara photographs and shares her visual stories from her adventures, inspired by the everyday people and landscapes she encounters.

Her first hardcover interiors book, Shelter - How Australians Live, will be published in October, 2015.

Above all else Kara is a lover of all things real. She shares her humble life through her Blog, Facebook and Instagram.

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