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Weekend in Pictures

©Kara Rosenlund Weekend in Pictures… how was your weekend? It was unexpectedly hot here for autumn  I was dreaming of swimming, it was that hot …. and looking back it was rather actioned packed! Saturday morning came around and I was up with the sun to feed the chickens and pack for a shoot.  After the shoot Timothy O and I went to the local nursery and picked up a few new grasses and succulents for the hen house’s roof top garden. Just recently we decided to convert the roof of the hen house into a garden, mainly so the garden acts as insulation and keeps the girls cooler in the heat they are so spoilt.… plus it looks rather pretty looking down on it from the deck…   Timothy O adding a few new varieties…. I also picked up elderflower and pomegranate seedlings for the veggie patch… I like the idea of making elderflower tea when it gets a bit bigger and blooms …   More seedlings bound for the veggie patch… and hopefully not to get squashed by the girls.. …. the girls having the best time digging for worms and squashing the new seedlings….  I picked up this table through the week and come Saturday afternoon I decided to give it a sand to remove the thick old green paint to see what was underneath…. Sunday morning rolled around and it was a quick breakfast on the run …. no time for the usual sit down breakfast…. I wanted to get an early start at our local farmers market….   … As I was rushing out the door I noticed a magnolia bud had bloomed in the front garden a rarity in itself, so I quickly snipped it off ….. or else the delicate milky petals would of been scorched and ruined in no time by the sun… At the market I picked up some beeswax for my collection of wooden spoons they had been looking a bit dry…. I left the spoons and the beeswax out in the sun to make the wax more pliable to rub into the spoons to give them some moisture….  I also picked up some quail eggs… they are so beautiful. I love all the different colours and patterns…..  we had them later; boiled for not long, then shelled and served with celeriac salt…. To my sheer delight I came across these molds… Funny how things work out… I had been meaning to look for some of these french ‘barquette molds’ on the internet so I could make a special chestnut and chocolate dessert to share on the blog… then unexpectedly in front of me were a whole stack of them… old, heavy and the real deal… I snatched them up quick smart…  I have been spending a lot of time with Trixie; she is such a spirited little chicken with such character and curiosity… she talks / cackles all the time…..since her best friend Cecelia died a couple of weeks back, Trixie has been really anxious, though is slowly being accepted by the other girls… however they are still pecking her around her eyes….  She melts my heart. I also decided it was time to cut my little scattering of dahlias… I planted a lot of bulbs a while back, however not all of them took, the girls had a fun time digging them up…. I think there is a pattern forming here…..     By late afternoon Timothy O and I then called it a day and stopped work around the house and had a late lunch… I threw down a picnic rug, shucked some oysters, boiled up a couple of crabs and we had old school crab sandwiches…   I then noticed the paint had dried on the table, so we brought it upstairs and did the usual furniture reshuffle…. …. then we sat here all night chatting about the week ahead, our weekend and and how much we love our new old table…. Hope you had a great weekend. K x  


Names for the New Chickens….

Here we have it…. one week on and we finally have names for the new girls. Timothy O and I went backwards and forwards with names… not able to decide…. until just recently… The one on the left is called Cecelia; as in the Simon and Garfunkel song. The one on the right is called Trixie; I can tell she will be trouble… she has a very determined personality and is very curious and outgoing….she definitely is a Trixie… Thank you so much for all your beautiful names! Market this Saturday! K xx


Weekend in Pictures – Early Christmas Gift

Our weekend was a bit boring… really, there was nothing to photograph… we had the market on Saturday and then I worked in front of the computer all weekend and yesterday….. so  today I decided to give myself a day off kinda… I secretly went out to the country and found Timothy O’s Christmas Gift ….. I went far and wide with plans to find one little young Pekin Bantam for our flock…. … and instead I came home with two… eeekkkk. Everything is better in pairs… right? They are still a little shy….  I hope they will fit in with the other girls… This is Bettina, our ‘ragamuffin girl’… she loves her food (she is on a diet at the moment) and loves to dust bath in flower pots …. she has the largest and loudest set of chicken lungs I have ever heard…. especially at sunrise. This is Gigi, Bettina’s sister, they look similar, though they are very different… it is all in their little faces…I surprised Timothy O with these two girls for Easter a few years ago (is there a pattern occuring here?) … Gigi is an emotional chicken… all she wants to do is to be a chicken mum… always clucky…. I had to pull her off her nest for this shot… hence the slightly confused and ruffled look. This is Nigella who you are probably familiar with… Nigella is… well… a bit special… she is my Elizabeth Taylor as you know… part drama queen, part dreamer. part beauty… she also has nine lives… This is Coco…. Gigi is Coco’s mother… Coco is French and gorgeous… and she knows it… her little comb sits like a French beret, slightly tilted on her head.  Coco has always been particular about things ‘strong willed’ and is the only chicken we have who sneaks upstairs to sit high on furniture. I think she doesn’t realise she is indeed a chicken. … and here we have two little girls (three if you include me) sitting in their basket under the Christmas tree listening to Christmas carols waiting for Timothy O to come home soon to say hello….. What do you think we should name them? K x P.S… if you too want Pekin Bantams I know a top man… just email me.



Kara Rosenlund is an Australian photographer, stylist, storyteller, adventurer and author.

Her love for authenticity and adventure is celebrated through her photography. She is passionate about Australia and how we all live within its vast landscape. Kara photographs and shares her visual stories from her adventures, inspired by the everyday people and landscapes she encounters.

Her first hardcover interiors book, Shelter - How Australians Live, is out now.

Above all else Kara is a lover of all things real. She shares her humble life through her Blog, Facebook and Instagram.

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