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Tag: furniture

New Kitchen Stock

©Kara Rosenlund

See, I told you I had found some great little pieces didn’t I…..

Two little turned legged wash tables! So practical and useful and not to mention beautiful! Could be used in the kitchen, hallway or even the bedroom. One in white with original casters and the other in the most gorgeous shade of ‘eau de nil’ with an original marble top. All from Travelling Wares at the Jan Power’s Farmer’s Markets at the Powerhouse tomorrow! We even deliver locally, how nice is that!

K x

From left to right

  • Bentwood Chair: $65
  • Old White Hotel-ware Jug: $22
  • Stack of Six White Plates: $55
  • Various English Pudding Bowls ranging from $10 to $40
  • Stack of Four White Side Plates: $18
  • Stack of Four White Plates: $32
  • Single Serving English White Plate: $15
  • Single White Polish Serving Bowl: $15
  • Large and Heavy White Mixing bowl with Spout: $42
  • Various Wooden Spoons: $5
  • Wooden Rolling Pin: $15
  • White Table with Turned Legs on Casters: $140
  • ‘Eau de Nil’ table with Turned Legs, original Marble Top and Shaped Base: $215
  • Old Large Basket with handles, ideal for washing, toys or fire wood. $55
  • Marigold Rug from Armadillo

Stock Preview


©Kara Rosenlund

What are week! Are you feeling dizzy? I know I am! Apart from being featured on The Design Files on Wednesday and the new website going live on the same day, I have somehow outdone myself and sourced some really beautiful pieces of small furniture for Travelling Wares tomorrow! I’ll be sharing some more stock previews throughout the day!

  • Old Metal Studio Stool: $75
  • Model Boat: $125
  • Milk Bottle: $15
  • Marigold Rug by Armadillo&Co
Talk soon!
K x




String Bags and Bentwoods

©Kara Rosenlund
String Bags and Bentwood Chairs…. I happen to love both… and both will be available at ‘Travelling Wares’ on Saturday!
Usually on Saturday mornings after I have set up ‘Travelling Wares’ I actually take my own string bag, pick up a croissant and do a quick round of the market, picking up fresh produce that we might need over the weekend, piling it into my string bag and feeling very chic at the same time! Giggle. They are surprisingly expandable and hold quite the load!
More to reveal soon!
Email me if you are interested in the little french string bags or the bentwood chair!
K xx