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Christmas Day


©Kara Rosenlund

Happy New Year! Christmas came by and went just as fast as it arrived didn’t it?… I was a bit late getting the tree up this year, though she did come together rather well in mid December…eeekk,


… each year I always ‘treat’ the tree and myself to a couple of new ornaments… this year it was some beautiful handmade stars by Brisbane ceramic studio paper boat press

Rosenlund_0003 Rosenlund_0004

… trimming the tree would have to be one of my most favourite Christmas time activities…I purchased these ornaments last year from Anthropologie… a pair of tin and glitter whales…


… and a feathery swan… everything looks better with glitter…


….You know how some years are great Christmas’ and then other years are just not so great… well this year was the latter – a ‘not so’ Christmas, though honestly it came good in the end…. it had all the makings of being a cracker of a Christmas I adore Christmas…. First and foremost I had found a ‘Christmas Day dress’, ha  love a new frock for any occasion, I had planned a really interesting menu using local produce suppliers and was ready to jingle myself well into the mayhem of Christmas when …. Timothy O and I unexpectedly ended up spending Christmas Eve at the avian vet with one of our beloved little girls Coco… which resulted in her sadly being put down….. this broke our hearts, even more as our Gigi had come to the same fate three weeks earlier….just like that Christmas was off…


… to have the love of an animal is a true gift and the purest of joys… needless to say Timothy O and I felt the aching loss of one of the brightest and most curious of characters within our home and secretly our favourite chicken …. come Christmas morning I decided to pull it together and put Christmas ‘back on’…. makeshift style….a coming together of loved ones to enjoy each other’s company and conversation….. to celebrate the good times with the not so good times…


… I had planned to visit my local haberdashery on Christmas Eve to buy some grosgrain ribbon to pretty up all the plates for each place setting…. needless to say that was the last thing on my mind… instead I tore up an old skirt which I had been holding on to for far too long could never part with it as I loved the fabric…. and just like that ‘hello better than grosgrain ribbon’ for the plates…..


… I didn’t have any bon bons / crackers on hand either, though I did have quite the number of these delightful triple milled ‘bon bon soaps’ by Murphy and Daughters… so they were the ‘makeshift’ bon bon’s to top each place setting…. plus they made the table smell delightful… summer frangipani wafting in the air…. I will be doing this again next year…


… I threw a few bottles of our most favourite rosè on ice we always have plenty of this….. Logan wine make every gathering feel that bit more special and familiar…. like seeing an old friend who still wears the same fragrance…


… I also didn’t get around to doing much of a grocery shop either, as in the fridge was practically empty so Mum and I made up a few boards of what she had in her fridge and what we had in ours….

Rosenlund_0013 Rosenlund_0014

… my father had bought a kilo of prawns straight off the trawler on Christmas Eve, so my parents brought them up on Christmas Day… I made the prawns into individual ‘Potted Prawns’ and ‘potted’ them into glass clip jars to posh them up… amazing… super easy and rather effortless…


… we all chopped wood and cranked up the wood fire oven and Timothy O worked his magic on a piece of Bangalow pork I had arranged at least something prior.… I threw together some potatoes from the pantry and beans from the garden, while roasting some everyday ordinary apples to make apple sauce…..


… stocking filler gifts became parts of dessert….. sorry Dad, I owe you x…


… and luckily Brisbane’s baked goods ‘institution’ Jocelyn’s Provisions had an extra Yule Log on hand…. practically unheard of at Christmas…


… as the Queensland summer heat came down we migrated to the cool breezes in the backyard on the lawn …. I had these coconuts left over from a food shoot, so my father cracked them in half and we had scoops of ice-cream in coconut ‘bowls’ to cool us down…..

Rosenlund_0020 Rosenlund_0021

…  we then spent the rest of Christmas afternoon in the backyard with each other, enjoying and appreciating what means the most to us….

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas

K xx

Weekend in Pictures

Weekend in Pictures… better a couple of days late than never…. I am somewhat freaking out a little by how fast Christmas is approaching…. coming on like a freight train….

Timothy O and I frocked up , well I frocked up, not Timothy O  for Timothy O’s family Christmas on Saturday….

Timothy O’s mother decided upon an ‘Australian Christmas’ theme with lots of Australian native flowers and delicious food all day long…. it was a great Saturday…

Timothy O and I rose rather late Sunday morning and I made scrambled eggs from our girls….

I rearranged some furniture to include this great find of six Spindle back chairs which I found last week….

I made this ‘Blackberry Bun'; a recipe from Kinfolk Magazine… I had never made it before, though I thought it may be a contender for Christmas… I don’t think we will have it on the day… delicious though.

….and then I sorted and washed household linens getting things ready for Christmas….

Are you ready for Christmas?

K x

Country Style

Back in September Country Style asked if I would like to come up with some Christmas decorating concepts and style a Christmas story featuring our house. They asked for lots of decorating ideas for the home and tabletop….as you can imagine the request just made my heart sing…. I have never met a table I didn’t want to decorate…

I worked with my florist and friend Anneliese Gomez of Hacienda Flowers on the wreaths and floral displays…. I asked Frank Creates to make a beautiful Christmas banner….

My wonderful friend and assistant for the shoot Sally O executed lots of craft and decorating concepts…. Christmas really did come early for Sally O and I…. Pattypan garland, music sheet crackers, monkey fist rope decorations…

I asked Lachlan of Flour & Chocolate to make this beautiful cake…. he really is a genius …

…He also made this one too…. which Sally O and I modified to include a snowflake…

These are natural beeswax name cones which I filled with muscatels … I have made them for years…. they too will be on our Christmas table this year… you should make them … they look super impressive… yet are so so super easy…

The ‘How To Make’ guide…. I share all my tips and tricks on how to make the little DIY personal touches for Christmas decorating… that is what makes Christmas special for me.. all the little considered special touches…

It is such a beautiful issue, you should put your skates on and buy a copy…. Many thanks to Jared Fowler who shot the beautiful feature and the team at Country Style… plus all the suppliers who loaned gorgeous pieces for the shoot….

K x

P.S… and look where I popped up… on the contributors page… Christmas sure did come early…