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Tag: Brisbane International

Brisbane, you are great in the summer…

©Kara Rosenlund Brisbane you are great in the summer….except those really hot awful days , there is so much to see and do… I was at the beach the other day, I worked yesterday and today we are off to see the tennis at the Brisbane International… Lucky!  Next week is shaping up to be an exciting one! I am taking part in an ‘Instagram Challenge’ with Interiors Addict, (you know how much I love instgram) it’s called ‘7 Vignette’s in 7 Days’… and I will be judging the winner! It is open to everyone to join in. Don’t know what a vignette is? Don’t worry, I’ll explain over the weekend. Also I’m updating the shop mid tennis activities of course. Monday morning 8.00am Sydney Time (I know, weird, you think I would say Brisbane time, though everyone gets so confused with daylight savings, so I thought I would keep it simple and just say Sydney time!) Talk soon, K x

Kara’s love for authenticity and adventure is celebrated through her photography, styling and travelling wares retail experience. She is passionate about Australia and how we all live within its vast landscape. Kara photographs and shares visual stories from her adventures inspired by the everyday people and landscapes she encounters. She has a unique little caravan shop called Travelling Wares, where she shares utilitarian objects for the home sourced locally. Above all else Kara is a lover of all things stylish and beautiful. She shares her humble life through her blog, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Crazytown! I know.... Red scratchy rashes for the minimalists... this is what happens when you travel around Australia for a year collecting all what your eye is attracted to. Dangerous! Anyway, I got to know my kitchen again this weekend after being away from it for a while.... thought I would be all 'Italian and all' and strap on my apron and start drinking red wine at midday #tipsy as I cooked a slow dish.... bad idea....#sleepy Back in the game now! X
  • .... on the cutting room floor.... sob. X
  • .... Sunday night in pouring over Victoria Alexander's new book called REAL. What a simple beautiful powerful word that is! 'Say what you mean. Mean what you say.' .... Im topped up again. X @victoriaalexander_books
  • ..... Waking up in Sibella Court's imaginarium.....what a way to start the day! X @sibellacourt
  • This mornings view from seat 7F. Bye Brisbane!
  • A favourite corner in a favourite home. Victoria you sure know how to do home well! @victoriaalexander_books
  • Wrong side of the tracks in The Silver City.
  • Nothing says happiness better than dancing doorway ribbons in the morning breeze!
  • Sunday, you are looking good!