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Weekend in Pictures – ANZAC Day long weekend.

©Kara Rosenlund It was the ANZAC Day long weekend here. I always feel the weight of this day. To think of the men and women who sadly gave their everything for their country. … John Maxwell Edmonds says it all, ‘When you go home, tell them of us and say… CONTINUE READING >

Weekend in Pictures – Easter

©Kara Rosenlund Happy Easter….. four days of the good stuff…. Are you rested? Topped back up? … Timothy O and I headed out of town for the holiday stretch and went camping over the border into New South Wales. No reception and no showers for four days…. off. the. grid….… CONTINUE READING >

Weekend in Pictures

©Kara Rosenlund Hellllloo Sydney Town….I drove down to Sydney from Brisbane on Friday for a few different reasons. … One, it’s no secret I love a looong drive. I find the rhythm of a journey particularly recharging and in some ways rather healing….. …. Two, it’s time I finally pick… CONTINUE READING >

Weekend in Pictures

©Kara Rosenlund Well, that weekend went by in a blink….. straight up on Saturday morning I decided to get into organising the ‘spare room’ ughh. What is it with spare rooms, they naturally evolve into dumping grounds for ‘stuff’, ours is no different…. The spare room has gone through many… CONTINUE READING >

Weekend In Pictures

©Kara Rosenlund Oh, Valentine’s Day, you are a funny day aren’t you… I’m not one for Valentine’s Day, though I do love love! … though life goes on with or without the fanfare, which meant doing the normal mundane things like laundry and washing the sheets… even if they are… CONTINUE READING >

Roadtrip – The Northern Territory

©Kara Rosenlund Thought I would share my latest road trip with you, straight down the centre of the Northern Territory, Australia…. I couldn’t believe how fast and dramatic the landscape changed along the three day journey….. I have always wanted to visit the NT and of course Uluru, though flying… CONTINUE READING >

February Fete

Ah, Saturday, you were grand… we had the February Fete with ceramist Kylie of Paper Boat Press at her shop/gallery over at Ashgrove, Brisbane…. my gosh, was it a crazy busy day… these lovely shots on the blog were actually not captured by me this time I was a little… CONTINUE READING >

What happens on holidays…

©Kara Rosenlund …. Ah, summer holidays…. weren’t you grand…. do you know what happens on summer holidays… you become blissful…. you become more resilient…. you become happier and trust life more…… well, at least this is what happens to me once a year until real life wears it out of… CONTINUE READING >

Stradbroke Island

©Kara Rosenlund Before Christmas Timothy O and I set off on a little ‘pre’ Christmas holiday…. just a quick  dash away… we had hoped to take Frankie our caravan away, though we had let it go too late to get an available site at most caravan parks….its competitive you know,… CONTINUE READING >

Christmas Day

©Kara Rosenlund Happy New Year! Christmas came by and went just as fast as it arrived didn’t it?… I was a bit late getting the tree up this year, though she did come together rather well in mid December…eeekk, … each year I always ‘treat’ the tree and myself to… CONTINUE READING >

Weekend in Pictures

©Kara Rosenlund Weekend… where did you go?… gone so fast…come back…. this weekend was very laid-back and chilled… Timothy O and I decided to head to Byron for half of the weekend to have a swim and take in the good weather…. … I don’t think there is a happier… CONTINUE READING >

Weekend in Pictures – Auckland

Ah, Auckland… you were grand…. This has turned into a travel blog of sorts hasn’t it, ha… last week Hamilton Island, this week New Zealand… … so I arrived in Auckland and picked up the hire car and went straight to Father Rabbit.… isn’t it funny, you never feel alone… CONTINUE READING >


Kara Rosenlund is an Australian photographer, stylist, storyteller, adventurer and author.

Her love for authenticity and adventure is celebrated through her photography. She is passionate about Australia and how we all live within its vast landscape. Kara photographs and shares her visual stories from her adventures, inspired by the everyday people and landscapes she encounters.

Her first hardcover interiors book, Shelter - How Australians Live, is out now.

Above all else Kara is a lover of all things real. She shares her humble life through her Blog, Facebook and Instagram.

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