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Postcards from the Road – How and Where Australians Live

  ©Kara Rosenlund Postcards from the Road – ‘How and Where Australians Live’….. thought I would stop in and say ‘Happy Easter’ and share a few new shots from my adventures on the road travelling around Australia. I’m actually spending  Easter on a remote sheep station in the Flinders Ranges and then into the dessert…. ohmy, can’t wait! I’m still looking for all sorts of interesting forms of authentic or unusual Australian shelters to visit for my project (click here for more information)  – huts, shacks, cottages, stations or just plain damn beautiful interiors. If you have seen it, I would love to see it too! Email me Happy Easter and you can follow along here on the adventure through instagram K x  


Vignette Class SYDNEY

  ©Kara Rosenlund Sydney…. I’m coming to visit you this week to share all I know on the subject of the ever popular Vignette….. throwing bits and pieces together is never as easy as it looks and I will share with you how I build my vignettes and let you in on all my tips and tricks to the perfectly balanced image! Come along to Megan Morton’s The School which is the venue for the two classes this week = one am and one pm! Spaces are limited – so get in fast. $120 per ticket. Visit to book or click here :: 10th April 2014 6.00 pm til 8.30pm at The School, 85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery :: 12th April 2014 10am til 12.30pm at The School, 85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery Be there or be square! K x  



©Kara Rosenlund Thought I would check in with a quick little post. I’m still here in beautiful Tasmania; shooting interiors for the project I’m working on and loving every second… one thing I can’t believe is how hot is has been… move over Queensland, hellllloo ‘Sunshine State’ Tasmania…. so much so I had to nip out to buy some new sleeveless tops seriously… and I now have a ‘truckers arm‘ suntan on my drivers arm… autumn you are crazy! More soon! K x


Zaza Part Two

  ©Kara Rosenlund AH, Zaza… a lot of people have been wondering what ended up happening with the little lost chicken I found a few weeks back which I called Zaza perhaps Tina Turner would of been more appropriate with her feathers. Click here if you misses the tale. Well, after the social media frenzy on Facebook and instagram and here on the blog, the husband Timothy O printed out old school posters and stuck them to lamp posts in the area where I found Zaza…. still nothing… then the local paper called up to do an interview about the lost chicken ohmy, I felt a little embarrassed about that… though still nothing… Then after a few days of the article going out we heard. Zaza’s parents were found and she was reunited with her folks and chicken sisters….. what a tale…. Thank you to all those who helped spread the word! Much Love, K x  



©Kara Rosenlund I’m currently banging this post out in my hotel room in Hobart… I quickly dashed back from Tasmania to the Sunshine Coast last week to style a beautiful clients wedding. I couldn’t wait to share these quick shots with you from the weekend at Yandina Station on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Because I love circles so much I came up with this idea to have an oversized wreath behind the bride and groom…. both as a symbol of love and also as a floral eye catcher….   … … I asked Twig and Grace to create this incredible feast for the eyes…. roses, hydrangeas, magnolia leaf, pepper berry …. the list goes on…. so many beautiful floral fragrant notes in one room… very heady indeed….     … lots of personal touches were added everywhere throughout the ceremony and reception, like these name banners by Lulu Lucky to make every guest, both family and friend, feel very special and loved…. Ah, weddings, you sure do make me gush! K x  


Hello Tasmania

©Kara Rosenlund   ©Kara Rosenlund Tasmania… I’m coming down for a visit… a rather long visit actually… one of those visits where you only book a one way flight and you come home when your work is done….gulp…. I’m visitng Tasmania for two reasons. One is for tomorrow evening’s ‘Vignette Class’ with The School at The Drill Hall in New Norfolk, where I am sharing all my knowledge on how I throw my bits together to create beautiful vignettes…. the second reason is to find authentic Australian interiors for a project I’m working on… oyster shacks, lighthouses, cottages, ruins… the list keeps going – if you know anyone who you think I should get in touch with I would love to hear about them. Email me: I’m off to air out the winter woolies and layers for the trip… on a very sticky and humid Queensland sunny day! K x


February Fete

Ah, Saturday, you were grand… we had the February Fete with ceramist Kylie of Paper Boat Press at her shop/gallery over at Ashgrove, Brisbane…. my gosh, was it a crazy busy day… these lovely shots on the blog were actually not captured by me this time I was a little busy wrapping and packing and hanging out with lovely customers… they were shot by the talented Ashley Oostdyck – thank you Ash x … a few weeks ago while chatting over a glass or three of red wine Kylie and I decided we should do something together, a collaboration of sorts; we came up with a ‘february fete’, where I bring my caravan Frankie over to her studio/shop and we ‘bang out our wares’ so to speak; my old wares and Kylie’s handmade ceramics; we put it out there through our social media avenues and come Saturday morning we both really didn’t know how it was going to pan out…. eeeekk … let’s just say that the power of local community is where it is at…. Ashgrove – who would of thought! We were both so overwhelmed by everyone who came out to see us and to take part in the little suburban fete….it felt like a really good party… seriously and I have been to a lot of parties in my time….there were so many familiar faces and so many new faces too….. lots of laughter, music and excitement…the buzzing corner block literally went off… …. thank you so much to all who came out to see us… we are going to plan another one for later in the year…it really was that much fun …. sometimes good things do come from having a few too many glasses of wine with friends…. Love Local! K x  



©Kara Rosenlund So… whatcha doing this Saturday?….. Well, I’m keeping it local by heading over to my friend Paper Boat Press’s shop/gallery with Frankie the caravan…. we are teaming up to put on an old school fete….. I’m going to be spilling out on to the sidewalk with all of my beautiful old wares and Paper Boat Press will have her stunning ceramic pieces inside the gallery…. Come on over if you are in the ‘good hood’…. there will be old fashion coconut ice and ‘pull your teeth out’ toffee too! Fete Fun K x


Caravan Pop Up

Something rather fun is bubbling away for next Saturday…Frankie the caravan and I are heading over to boutique ceramic studio Paper Boat Press at Ashgrove in Brisbane and are hosting a little local fete…. I will be setting Frankie up out the front of the corner shop with all of our old wares… and Paper Boat Press will be inside the shop with all of her incredibly beautiful handmade pieces. Nothing beats a low-fi fete. Would love to see you there..  K x


2014 Workshop Announcement

©Kara Rosenlund New 2014 ‘Vignette’ workshop dates to announce. For those who would like to know how I build my vignettes; for home, play or work… come along… I share all my tips and tricks … I have even concentrated down my approach to 5 secret steps to help you build beautiful vignettes. To book visit Megan Morton’s The School. Tasmania; you are the first cab off the rank… can’t wait! Spaces are limited, I would run, not walk $120 per person. K x :: Tasmania – 26th February 2014 6.30pm til 9pm at The Drill Hall Emporium :: Brisbane – 21st May 2014 10.00am til 12.30pm at Toby Scott’s Studio :: Brisbane – 21st May 2014 6.30pm til 9pm at Toby Scott’s Studio :: Adelaide – 8th June 2014 6.30pm til 9pm Location TBC


Postcard From the Road

©Kara Rosenlund Yes, postcards from the road…. I have been travelling around country Victoria shooting houses and the vast Australian landscape for a project I am working on…. … if you don’t follow me on instagram (I think you should), or don’t have instagram (mum) then this is what I have been sharing online…. … I came across the most beautiful collection of feathers from a house I was shooting…. love nature and the perfection of the colours and pattern combinations…. … spent the most magical afternoon with about 24 horses in a random paddock…. that is what jumping fences will give you – pure majestic happiness and animal awe…. … sometimes you just need more height…. sorry hire car…eeek …. found the most intriguing ‘man shed’ with a wonderful collection of old bones and skulls…. my favourite is the top left – an intact found kangaroo paw… …. more to come over the next few days… I’m home for a couple of weeks before heading off again… this time to Tasmania…. if you know of any authentic houses or interesting interiors or landscapes let me know, would love to capture them. K x


What happens on holidays…

 ©Kara Rosenlund …. Ah, summer holidays…. weren’t you grand…. do you know what happens on summer holidays… you become blissful…. you become more resilient…. you become happier and trust life more…… well, at least this is what happens to me once a year until real life wears it out of you…. … so the thing about me is that I love unpractical old stuff… my very first car was a 1954 powder blue Morris Minor….Dad and I went halves ….. My father and I used to burn around on the northside of Brisbane together as he taught me shouted at me how to drive a manual… Frankie the caravan is a 1956 caravan….stubborn old lady… our house is an old girl… bless her bones – an 1890’s workers cottage it’s called a ‘workers’ cottage for a reason!’… you have to work her hard…. I have always loved the old… I think it is all Dads fault… so what happens on blissful summer holidays….. you blissfully think you have more room and patience in your life for more of the old ….. …. Hello Margot……. So, let’s start at the beginning….. I have always loved old Mercedes… the classic hat shape, the grill, the lights, the bench seats…. the calibre of people who drive these cars are what I call ‘my tribe’…. people who persevere even though really, let’s face it, it can be a pain in the arse to own an old car…… so, 1968 was always going to be the year – its a classic year for Mercedes my secret dream car is actually the ’68 Mercedes  Pagoda, hello $60k …. so it was just a matter of waiting until the right 45 year old bird came along so to speak….. … and she did…. after researching on and off for years on ‘car’ websites I found my girl on ebay…. yup, ebay… I know…. crazy town.. you would think dodgy huh, but so soooo not….. my parents were convinced it was a hoax ad and I would be abducted.… anyway while on a blissful Stradbroke Island three day holiday previous post….I stalked the ’68 on eBay….. and I did good…. I won her….. i never win anything usually…. … except she was in another state and a little bit regional in her geography…… ah, that holiday sunshine sure makes you think anything is possible doesn’t it…. so, just like that Timothy O and I boarded a plane, hired a car, drove four hours and met our new four wheeled friend and her motor parents…. …. it really was love at first sight… the corner windows…. the leather upholstery… the large windows… her smell….. ah…. love…. …. and just like that the keys were handed over and she was ours…… see you later hire car…. hello old friend ….some things just feel right from the start…. the thing with driving an old car is that it really is a treat, it really is…. you know when you pass an old car on the highway and the windows are down and the drivers’ arm is perched out the window and their hand is catching in the wind dancing in the current…. you look at that car from your air conditioned ‘windows up’ new car and you think wow, freedom….. you know what… it really is…. it really is pure indulgent old school freedom….. ….. so we set off on our long trip home back to Brisbane…. like anxious new parents….. listening to every noise and vibration she shared with us….. we drove…. …. and drove…..   …. bought some apricots from the roadside…. everything looks better in Margot…..  …. and kept driving some more….. ….. and even some more…… these two shots were taken from the inside of Margot’s window frames…. whizzing through the bush, the slow narrow Australian roads, before the bustling fast highways where built… we passed only tractors… …. met another old girl on the highway and had a cold ale together…. how could you not….. bless Australian pubs…. …. and we drove some more….. taking it all in…. breathing in 1968 air and slowing life down a bit….. appreciating the good life. Ah, holiday sunshine, you sure make the impossible possible! […]



Kara Rosenlund is an Australian photographer, stylist, storyteller, adventurer and author.

Her love for authenticity and adventure is celebrated through her photography. She is passionate about Australia and how we all live within its vast landscape. Kara photographs and shares her visual stories from her adventures, inspired by the everyday people and landscapes she encounters.

Her first hardcover interiors book, Shelter - How Australians Live, will be published in October, 2015.

Above all else Kara is a lover of all things real. She shares her humble life through her blog, Facebook and Instagram.

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