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Zaza Part Two



©Kara Rosenlund

AH, Zaza… a lot of people have been wondering what ended up happening with the little lost chicken I found a few weeks back which I called Zaza perhaps Tina Turner would of been more appropriate with her feathers. Click here if you misses the tale.

Well, after the social media frenzy on Facebook and instagram and here on the blog, the husband Timothy O printed out old school posters and stuck them to lamp posts in the area where I found Zaza…. still nothing… then the local paper called up to do an interview about the lost chicken ohmy, I felt a little embarrassed about that… though still nothing…

Then after a few days of the article going out we heard. Zaza’s parents were found and she was reunited with her folks and chicken sisters….. what a tale….

Thank you to all those who helped spread the word!

Much Love,

K x


9 Comments to “Zaza Part Two”

  1. Love a happy ending story ❤

  2. Timothy O says:

    Happy chicken tales!

  3. look see. says:

    She is one fabulous chook!

  4. Bless, one very fabulous chook home safe and sound. Xx

  5. Vicky says:

    lovely story! <3 and the name Zsa Zsa is the MOST!

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