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©Kara Rosenlund

I’m currently banging this post out in my hotel room in Hobart… I quickly dashed back from Tasmania to the Sunshine Coast last week to style a beautiful clients wedding. I couldn’t wait to share these quick shots with you from the weekend at Yandina Station on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Because I love circles so much I came up with this idea to have an oversized wreath behind the bride and groom…. both as a symbol of love and also as a floral eye catcher….



… … I asked Twig and Grace to create this incredible feast for the eyes…. roses, hydrangeas, magnolia leaf, pepper berry …. the list goes on…. so many beautiful floral fragrant notes in one room… very heady indeed….





… lots of personal touches were added everywhere throughout the ceremony and reception, like these name banners by Lulu Lucky to make every guest, both family and friend, feel very special and loved….

Ah, weddings, you sure do make me gush!

K x


17 Comments to “Wedding”

  1. Barb Fisher says:

    Oh Kara – stunning! That wreath!!!

  2. I know of another lovely lady who had a wreath at her wedding….great minds they say. Stunning. Congratulations to the lucky couple!

  3. Lucy says:


  4. Nice work, beautiful place – and just down the road from us!

  5. Vicky says:

    Oh Kara beautiful the new image of the blog and this location is amazing! :) kisses from Argentina!

  6. Timothy O says:

    It was a brilliant wedding. That wreath was not only mega it was epic!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I want to get married (to my husband) again!

  8. Julijana Griffiths says:

    Beautiful styling and pics!

  9. Beautiful styling!!! That wreath is just………!

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