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Weekend in Pictures


©Kara Rosenlund

Weekend… where did you go?… gone so fast…come back…. this weekend was very laid-back and chilled… Timothy O and I decided to head to Byron for half of the weekend to have a swim and take in the good weather….



… I don’t think there is a happier place for me than by the sea…. even when the hot sand burns your feet, I love it…. I especially enjoy Tallow Beach… always long for a dip here….


… Back at home, Sunday morning started off slow, just playing some vinyl… this is one of my all time favourite albums – St Germain, Tourist….. I remember seeing this Parisian man and his band play about ten years ago… he didn’t speak a word of English to the crowd for the whole set- only French…. amazing… one of the best gigs I have ever been to….


… I had a bunch of lemon myrtle left over from a recent shoot, so I decided to dry it out to make tea… I’ll let you know how I go with the tea…. interesting times in the kitchen…

Rosenlund_0006 Rosenlund_0007

… It was lunch time before I knew and it had become so hot with a thunderstorm about to roll in… so we had a lazy lunch of fresh prawns on the back deck as the rain pelted down on our old tin roof…. sounded spectacular and such a welcomed sound after so long without rain…


… decided to get an early start on dinner clearly I was very hungry on Sunday, I have just noticed everything is about food ….


… I had made a pine nut encrusted lamb dish, however something happened, or maybe it rather didn’t happen and I somehow ruined the lamb, eeeek…. so we had to have dessert for dinner…. I most certainly lost some wife points Sunday evening… ohwell…. it happens

Hope you had a great weekend!

K x

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  1. Kara this post is like porn for me! Beach, sunshine, records and prawns!!! Heaven. Any chance you can send me a high res version of the beach picture-to keep me warm this winter :D Big love

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