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||| Hitting the Road |||



I have news to announce which I have been bursting to tell you! I’m about to start work on an exciting project which involves you and me …. I’m travelling around my much loved Australia over the next few months; photographing and documenting ‘how Australians live’….. with a firm focus on regional and rural Australia… Yup, that’s right, If you live in a regional part of Australia and think I may find it interesting I want to know about it….

I am looking for all sorts of interesting layers which piece together ‘how Australian’s live’… especially interiors….my gosh, yes, interiors - sheep stations, drovers huts, homesteads, weatherboards, boat sheds… the list is endless… beautiful and tired, rambling and crumbling….if it provides shelter I would love to know about it…

if you would like to be involved or would like to share your area with me please email: I would love to hear from you.

First up is Western Australia… I’m coming next week and I can’t wait to see what you have to offer…

K x

7 Comments to “||| Hitting the Road |||”

  1. Luisa says:

    Take me with you. I’ll carry your bags :)

    Have fun! I can’t wait to see all the photos!

  2. Clare says:

    so excited to follow this journey! enjoy! x

  3. look see. says:

    This is going to be the absolute bees knees – can’t wait to see how it all goes and what wonderful things you discover!

  4. corinne says:

    just Australia ;) what a pity ! Switzerland has a lot to offer :)
    Next time !
    Bonne chance !

  5. Rachel says:

    What an awesome project! Best of luck to you <3

  6. Leah Stirton says:

    Come to Charleville Kara! People always say “we’ll visit” but no one ever does xxx

  7. Wonderful.
    So great to visit your blog each time again.
    Have a lovely week.

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