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Weekend in Pictures – Summer Caravanning

Last Saturday Timothy O and I decided to escape the city in Frankie (the caravan) and head for the beach for a few days to a little island not too far away, where life is slow and the breeze always blows…

We arrived at the caravan park and got to work setting up Frankie (when you caravan there is always work to do… mostly it is fun work, however putting the annex/awning thing up is not so much fun)

Timothy O lassoing the annex… (clearly the overalls from Christmas are still going down well)

Ta Dah… all set up and ready to hit the beach…

Some new feathers I found on our many walks to the beach… I like to tape found things to the inside of Frankie when we are away… like a muriel of memories… feathers, seeds pods, whatever I come across that inspires me in some way…

I read a book called Caravan, which I thought was going to be about caravans, though to my surprise it was about Afghanistan in 1946, I couldn’t put it down… I’m reading it again…

A couple of new bangles…

Australian caravan parks are very ‘salt of the earth’ sorts of places… filled with kids on bmx’s eating watermelon, folks sitting on Esky’s having yarns to strangers and lots of John Williamson playing on the radio…

While we were their Timothy O and I walked around the sleepy streets looking at the houses…

Then before we knew it our holiday came to a close and it was time to pack it up and hit the road….

K xx

8 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures – Summer Caravanning”

  1. Timothy O says:

    It was an amazing getaway!

    Who is the old guy in sandals and overalls? Nice that an old chap would help you send up the caravan. HAHA.

    • Kara says:

      I’m not sure who he was… he just showed up with a whole bunch of ‘man attitude’…. and told me to stop taking photographs and help out (sound familiar) ….clearly his wife has no style since she lets him go around in old sandals and overalls! hahaha x

  2. Petrina Turner says:

    Kara I loved reading/ seeing what you and Timothy O got up to on your caravanning holiday. I particularly love the sound of the book you are reading “Caravans”. I’m going to have to see if I can find myself a copy. X

    • Kara says:

      You should be able to track down a copy through Abe online. The author is James A. Michener Petrina. I was transported to 1946, couldn’t put it down. xx

  3. Pam says:

    Love camping – you realize how little you need . Love the pictures. What did you do with the girls ?????

  4. Cate Holst says:

    Hi Kara, I had to buy Country Style magazine because of your caravan on the cover! Brings back memories of when I was a child and now I’ve found your beautiful blog. Very inspirational

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