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Weekend in Pictures

This is what we got up to over the weekend…. We had a market at the Powerhouse…. in the sweltering heat…. ohmygosh was it hot

Lots of new bits, large and small…

Love this glass dome…

The sweet fragrance of fruit wafted through the hot air…

Our friend Kat from Belle and Boheme came to visit and had a very kind gift for Frankie… so thoughtful…

And then Lulu Lucky came by the market with homemade icy iced tea… We were all having a mini party at the market!

Came home to this causality …. hydrangea didn’t make it… too hot this is actually how i felt after the market myself… too hot

Stayed close to this…

Sunday morning clocked around and Timothy O and I hit the road to look at some exciting new stock…

Then came back home and hung out with the girls and did some gardening.

That was it…. how was your weekend?

K x

18 Comments to “Weekend in Pictures”

  1. Looks actually very cool from the pictures but it was HOT HOT HOT – I felt like that hydrangea too! The garden is looking great! Can’t wait to taste some of that produce! xx

  2. Est Magazine says:

    I would say you had the perfect market day aside from the Queensland heat Kara! Great to see Timothy O back out in the garden with the girls.

  3. Kim H says:

    Oh lovely! Those photos made everything look so cool, cool ,cool:) The markets in the heat must be horrid. Hope you guys did well. I imagine, with all of that gorgeousness, that you did:)

  4. Katherine Grace says:

    Your friend Kat is pretty nice .. You’re lucky .. ;) xxx

  5. Ingrid says:

    I like the hydrangea photo – made me smile! When are you going to visit Sydney?

  6. gina says:

    i truly hope, that one of these days, i can do a little perusing and shopping at your little market;) xo gina

  7. Oh Kara! THE CHRISTMAS OVERALLS aaarrrrghhhhhh, gotta get my mitts on them…get me to Australia…please, please tell me where they came from and if you say Blighty I shall snort my porridge across the kitchen! Also I have Frankie envy and am about to text little bro in Melbourne to find me a copy of Country Style Magazine…happy Friday, I’m guessing it’s a stinker as it’s snowing here.

    Sarah -x-

    • Kara says:

      Hi Sarah-Jane! Great to hear from you… the Christmas overalls are King Gee…. ha… from Adelaide…. ha. Hope your brother managed to pick you up a copy of Country Style. Yup, you bet… hot, hot, hot, here and cold, cold, cold, there! ha xx Stay warm!

  8. Hi Kara, Lovely post full of glorious photos. I have a few pen pals in Australia and they write to tell me they’re sick of the heat. I tell them to hush because I’ve just come from frozen England to frozen Canada. I suppose the little chook knows how to stay cool. I miss gardening…oh well…another three months to go. :)

    • Kara says:

      Oh yes… a few more months to go Veronica…. make the most of the open fires and layers of scarves and gloves… that is what I miss the most about living in London. xx

  9. Kara, looks like a wonderful weekend despite the heat. Always love your sharing. Thanks. x

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